Nathan for You season 4, episode 7 Finding Frances review: How Bill became the worst


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Nathan for you season four has come to an end with a special 2-hour finale co-starring our (former) favorite Bill Gates impersonator.

Season four of Nathan for You proves once again that this comedy is criminally underrated. The finale, “Finding Frances,” is phenomenal. The 2-hour special closes season four with all the feels, beginning of course with extreme awkwardness. But what else do you expect when you put the two most awkward people alive, Nathan Fielder and Bill, in the same episode for two hours?

Why Bill Heath? Because there is a woman he can’t stop thinking about, Frances Gaddy, the love of his life (or so he says) who his mother forbid him from marrying. But we soon learn that there is so much more to this story than Bill lets us on. SO much more…

As it turns out, we may have only seen Bill in a few episodes of Nathan for You, but he pays the Comedy Central set of the show many visits. In one of those visits, Bill brings up Frances, and continues to do so more and more. Nathan is now curious and asks Bill to tell him the story about Frances.

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Bill shares that Frances and him were in love back in the day, 60 years or so, but his mother never approved and the two grew apart. Nathan sees that Bill is really sad and full of regret he didn’t marry Frances and decides to help.

The Plan: Nathan’s plan of action is simple — find Frances.

This is the toughest task Nathan has ever taken on. For starters, they only have Frances’ first name to go by because, chances are, she is married and therefore has a different last name.

After many, many attempts, it’s clear Nathan and Bill need more information.

The failed attempts:

  • Contacting the school for records — Access denied.
  • Looking at her yearbook photo — This works after tricking the school, but nothing with her last name turns up.
  • Hiring an age progression “expert” — An aging app can do a better job.
  • Faking a class reunion — Fun scene, but no one remembers or knows where Frances is now.
  • Flyers requesting information — They find a Frances, but not the one they are looking for.
  • Nathan’s amateur sketch — Check out the photo below.

Bill and Nathan go to the cemetery and find Frances’ parent’s graves. Nathan reads the obituary and discovers Frances’ new last name — Munroe! And with that information, they search Facebook and quickly find her. BTW she’s still gorgeous!

But let’s back up here for a second… While on the search for Frances, a lot is revealed about Bill. Facts we didn’t care to learn. Facts that make us not like him so much anymore.

Where to begin?

1) Remember when we first meet Bill? He claims to impersonate Bill Gates professionally? LIES. Bill only pretends to do that for a living, but when we see him on Nathan for You as Bill Gates is actually THE first time he impersonates Gates.

2) Throughout the episode, we watch as Bill makes rude comments. First, he asks a complete stranger (the wrong Frances) to use their bathroom. Rude. Then, Bill tells Nathan that the bathroom “could’ve been cleaner.” Super rude. Bill also disses Frances’ new husband (yes, they discover on Facebook that she is married and find her husband) by commenting that he isn’t good-looking enough for her. Bill also doesn’t see a problem with going to see Frances, even though she’s married, because he believes she’ll leave her husband for him.

3) There’s more! Bill finds a series of letters from Frances from over 50 years ago, and learns that Bill cheated on Frances.

4) But the worst? Nathan and Bill are watching a debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. That’s right, this was filmed before the election. Who is Bill rooting for? Yup. Trump. Bye, Bill! You’re the worst.

In the end, Bill and Nathan, while parked outside of Frances’ home, call Frances on the phone. She picks up quickly, but doesn’t immediately recognize Bill’s voice. Can you blame her? It’s been decades! Bill, however, is annoyed that she doesn’t know who he is. Once Bill gives Frances his name though, she remembers and the two catch up a bit.

Frances has been happily married for 47 years and has nine grandchildren. As Frances shares details about her life, Bill continues looking annoyed. Sorry, Bill, Frances moved on and is happy.

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. Nathan For You. S4E7. Finding Frances. A+

“Finding Frances” kicks off with awkwardness, but it takes us on a roller coaster of emotions that includes excitement, anxiety, sadness, and disappointment. And the subplot with Nathan and the escort (that I didn’t have time to get into on here) is the cherry on top! “Finding Frances” is the perfect episode to end the season, featuring everything we love about Nathan, which is sort of unfair because now we’re going to miss the show even more.

The wait begins for season five renewal news! What did you think of this season?