NCIS recap: The team get another case of the supernatural


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If one Supernatural crossover in NCIS Season 15 wasn’t enough, fans get another. Is Gibbs really dealing with a psychic hearing the voices of ghosts?

Gibbs gets a supernatural case that really looks like something for the Winchesters at first. It seems one Supernatural crossover isn’t enough for one season. While Torres wants to believe that the woman who comes across a body is a psychic, the rest of the NCIS team isn’t that convinced. Who’s right?

Is Amber really hearing voices?

While out for a run, Amber gets lost and starts hearing voices. Rather than do the thing that most normal people would do (run as fast as possible in the opposite direction), Amber heads in the direction of the voice to find the decayed body of Vincent King in an abandoned shed.  Ducky and Palmer later discover that King had died of hyperthermia, despite him being a skilled hiker.

When NCIS are called in, Amber goes through the story. Of course, McGee and Gibbs aren’t willing to believe her but Torres keeps an open mind. Jack decides to hear more to see if she can figure out what is triggering these voices. Amber and Jack talk in Jack’s office with the usual questions about spouse (divorced) and children (one, deceased).

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It turns out Amber’s daughter died in her sleep, but every time she pictures her face lately, things start happening. Right on cue, the light in the office flickers and Amber gets another vision, leading NCIS to another clue to help solve the case. This time it’s a person stuck in a car.

NCIS has found details of another death connected to King. The body was in a car, which had crashed. Abby finds that the brakes weren’t faulty but they weren’t used either.

Another vision cracks the case

To get to the bottom of Amber’s visions, Gibbs decides to invite her over. He passes her a fuel pump from one of the victims’ cars, leading to another vision. This time of a box buried in the woods. McGee and Bishop find it exactly where Amber said it was, and it turns out the box had King’s GPS watch and a device for controlling a car. Both had been bugged and both had the fingerprints of one Amber Davis.

Was she the murderer? The team know it’s possible with her computer science background. However, she’s sure that it wasn’t her; so sure that Jack doesn’t think she’s lying.

The team decide to call her ex-husband in, who is happy to bail his ex out. He never wanted a divorce, but couldn’t live with someone who didn’t grieve for their daughter as much as he did. It turns out their daughter didn’t die of a heart defect, but had been killed at a birthday party when flooring collapses. The victims were involved in the construction of the apartment building that collapsed, and it’s clear that Amber viewed them as responsible.

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Over the course of time, the brain had masked Amber’s daughter’s death and Amber murdering the two victims. Everything was finally coming out and Amber started remembering what she had done. NCIS call for the psyche team to pick her up, but they soon get a call that she never makes it. She was able to hack the van and cause a non-fatal accident. There was still one more person to get for the death of her daughter.

Rather than kill the final victim, she just leads NCIS there (knowing they would watch her hacking skills to get an address). She records the third man admit to taking bribes and then allows herself to be arrested again. Gibbs’ team have two to take into custody.

How many babies is McGee having?

With the case solved, McGee is able to focus on Delilah. She needed to have some blood work. It turns out the two are arguing about whether to find out the gender of the baby. They can’t do a full ultrasound because of the shrapnel in Delilah’s back, which limits some of the testing. But the two are arguing over whether to find out the gender of the baby. Delilah doesn’t want to know and McGee does.

In the end, Delilah calls McGee to tell him the blood work was strange and she was called back into the doctor’s office. He needs to check his emails more and she hangs up on him. That prompts him to check his emails, where he finds out he’s not just having one baby, but twins; one of each.

At the very end of the episode, it turns out Amber wasn’t the only one hearing voices from the other side. Gibbs finishes up the episode seeing his boss, Mike Franks, standing by Gibbs’ desk laughing about seeing dead people. Was this just Gibbs reminiscing with the talk of ghosts or will it be a bigger storyline?

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Did you enjoy the second unofficial Supernatural crossover for the season? What would you like to see Gibbs tackle next time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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