Supernatural season 1, episode 21 recap: The Winchester brothers join dad on a hunting trip


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After a full season of searching looking for dad, who was on a hunting trip and hadn’t been home in a few days, the Winchesters brothers get to go on the hunt with him.

Supernatural gave fans a full season of searching for Daddy Winchester. Dean had broken into his brother’s apartment with the life-changing line, “Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days,” and that was it. Well, one girlfriend burning on the ceiling later and the two dropped everything to go in search for John and the thing that had taken the lives of two close to the Winchester brothers.

“Salvation” pulled the family together. After dealing with the vampires and getting the Colt, John realized that they were stronger together as a family. It was time for them to tackle the demon that had claimed the lives of two important women in their lives.

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A hunter friend is killed

The Winchesters had mentioned a few hunter friends along the way and one in passing was Pastor Jim Murphy. He was introduced in the first minutes of this episode, but it wasn’t for a good reason. Meg paid him a visit, showing him her eyes to make it clear that she was a demon. All she wants from him is the location of John Winchester.

When Jim refuses to give up the location of his friend, Meg slits his throat. She isn’t interested in messing around.

Meanwhile, the Winchester brothers learn about all the research John has done over the last 20 years, including learning all about the demon that killed Mary and Jess. Sam starts to wallow in anger and guilt, but the elder Winchesters don’t let him spiral. John has a job for them, anyway. The signs of the demon are starting up again in Salvation, Iowa. The last thing John wants is for another family to lose a mother when the baby is six months old.

While on the way to Salvation, John learns about Pastor Jim’s death. John makes it very clear that he is going to make sure this comes to an end.

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Back to the research

While John has seen signs, he doesn’t have all the details of infants in Salvation. The brothers need to research all those turning six months within a few days, as that will be the demon’s next target. Sam doesn’t need the documents, though. He gets a vision and sees the next target.

When he tells Dean and John about the visions, John is more angry that he never learned of Sam’s visions before. Of course, Dean points out the fact that John hasn’t picked up the phone, so even if they wanted to tell him they couldn’t had done.

Sam’s phone ringing stops the arguments. Meg is on the phone and she tells John that another hunter friend, Caleb, will be the next to die unless John gives her the Colt. John attempts to play dumb, but Meg isn’t having any of it again. She kills Caleb and threatens to kill the rest of John’s friend until she has the Colt in her hands.

John thinks he can trick Meg by giving her another Colt in its place. She doesn’t have a clue what the real one looks like. It doesn’t quite work. Meg takes the gun and fires it at another demon, Tom. When Tom is still alive, Meg knows that John has tried to trick her. John uses a spray of holy water to give him time to escape, but the demons have already slashed his tires and trapped him.

The boys stop the demon

Meanwhile, the Winchester brothers are waiting outside the house of the next victims of Azazel. Armed with the real Colt, they rush into the house when lights start flickering. Sam manages to get a shot off at the demon, but it’s hesitant and he ends up missing. However, they do save mother and daughter from the burning house. Sam wants to go back into the burning building for the demon, but Dean stops him.

With that over, the Winchesters head back to the motel. They haven’t heard anything from John and that makes Dean anxious. Sam is too angry about being stopped from getting the demon than to worry about their dad. It forces Dean into confessing how he can’t bear to lose Sammy and if the only way to do that is to never get the demon then so be it.

Finally, Dean gets through to John, only it’s not Daddy Winchester who answers. Meg picks up the phone, promising the Winchesters that they will never see John again.

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