Supernatural urban legends: The Colt lore explained


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The Colt is a weapon that can kill almost every monster in existence, but does the Supernatural lore have a connection to real mythology?

Supernatural season 1 brought John Winchester back for the last three episodes. For the whole year, he’d been searching for a year to kill the demon that had killed Mary Winchester (and later Jess) and not just exorcise it. The Colt was the weapon he needed and he finally got possession of it in “Dead Man’s Blood.”

Like with all Supernatural urban legends, it’s time to look at the show’s and the real lore surrounding the topic. Is the gun based on anything in particular in real life?

Supernatural Colt lore

The Colt was created by Samuel Colt. John tells his boys that when Halley’s Comet was overhead in 1835 and men died at the Alamo, Samuel Colt supposedly made the gun. He created it specifically for a hunter on horseback, with 13 special bullets.

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Only six bullets were left by the time the Winchesters got their mitts on the Colt. The very last one was saved for Azazel, the first Prince of Hell.

The demon Ruby knew how to make more bullets and passed on the knowledge to Bobby. He was then able to keep the Colt stocked up, but it was stolen from the Winchesters in season 5. Eventually we learned Crowley passed it onto Ramiel, another Prince of Hell. It was then stolen back from Ramiel and got back into the Winchesters’ possession.

Dagon, a third Prince of Hell, melted the barrel of the Colt. It is currently broke, beyond repair, although Sam says that he will find a way to fix it.

The Colt can kill anything except five beings. One of those is Lucifer (and presumably the other archangels). Supernatural has never confirmed the other four beings, although there are plenty of speculations, including God (and Amara), Death (and the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse), the Cosmic Entity, Eve, and more.

Real Colt lore

There isn’t any real lore that this seems based on. There are plenty of stories of items that can kill demons and monsters. It just looks like this was an item that was created specifically for the show.

It’s the lore in how it was created that is so important. The passing of comets was considered a powerful time throughout history.

There’s also elements of mythology carved into the gun. A Latin inscription, non timebo mala, is along the barrel of the gun. It means “I will fear no evil” and is taken from Psalm 23 (one of the most popular psalms). The idea is that God is with a person and is the first indication of God potentially becoming part of the series.

The gun also houses a pentagram on the handle, which is incorrectly considered a sign of devil worshipping. The pentagram is a Pagan symbol for protection, which is why it is used for the Supernatural anti-possession tattoos.

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