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Supernatural began with just one Prince of Hell, the Yellow-Eyed Demon called Azazel. Now there are four, with just one alive.

Supernatural season 1 introduced the demon that would eventually become known as one of the four Princes of Hell. Azazel was said to be the most loyal of the four Princes; those who would sit on the throne in Hell until Lucifer was able to rule himself. In season 12, three other Princes of Hell were mentioned and two appeared on screen. The fourth and last is one of the current big bads of the season, Asmodeus.

Did you know that there is biblical lore about the Princes of Hell? They are very different to the ones in the show, but the lore is still there. Here’s how they all connect.

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Supernatural Princes of Hell lore

In the show, season 12 introduced three other Princes of Hell in addition to the first that appeared in the first two seasons. Azazel, Ramiel, Dagon, and Asmodeus make up the four princes, who would sit on Lucifer’s throne when necessary. Right now Asmodeus takes the throne and isn’t willing to give it back to the big man himself.

The Princes of Hell were created by Lucifer, after he created the first demon Lilith. They were Lucifer’s generals; there to lead the demons to help bring Lucifer’s plans to fruition.

Three of the princes eventually lost interest, but Azazel remained loyal. He tried his hardest to release Lucifer, but was killed when the demons were released. The demons were left general-less and wayward.

Princes of Hell are among the most powerful demons in existence. Unlike lower beings, they can enter hallowed ground and have shown kinetic strength and plenty of patience. They are killable by the Colt, unlike creatures like the Knights of Hell and Lucifer himself.

Real lore about the Princes of Hell

The Princes of Hell are mentioned in Biblical and other religious text. Depending on the text there are four, seven, or eleven Princes of Hell, but none of them are the ones mentioned in Supernatural. In fact, Lucifer is classed as one of the Princes of Hell in all texts.

The texts state that when Lucifer fell, many other angels fell with him. They created Hell and formed their hierarchy. In the case of the seven Princes, they each took on a deadly sin, with Lucifer taking on pride. Asmodeus is one of the Princes mentioned, taking on the sin of lust. Leviathan is mentioned as a singular being, taking on envy.

The rest of the seven are:

  • Beelzebub (gluttony)
  • Satan (wrath)
  • Mammon (greed)
  • Belphegor (sloth)

However, while all known as Princes of Hell, Lucifer was the leader; the one who brought them all to Hell and created the mirror of Heaven.

When it comes to the lore with the four Crown Princes of Hell, they take on the elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Again Lucifer is one of the princes, with a super ego and the element of air. He is also known as the morning star and the bringing of light (Lucifer fans may have some fun with that).

Satan, the accuser and Lord of Fire, is the element of fire. Meanwhile, Leviathan is the serpent of the sea (taking on the element water) and Belial, as the Mastery of the Earth, takes on the earth element.

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