8 best Chris Hemsworth roles (outside of Thor)


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Chris Hemsworth is most well-known for Thor, but he’s done many other roles.

When you think Chris Hemsworth, you likely think of Thor from The Avengers. This is the movie that made the mark for him, but there are so many other roles from the past. He certainly hasn’t had as many roles as the other actors, but he has shown his ability to play all sorts of roles.

There will be roles you’ve forgotten to and others that only those from his native Australia will fully remember. Here’s a look at the eight best Hemsworth roles outside of Thor. Sorry but the Ghostbusters remake does not make the list.

#8. Jed Eckert in Red Dawn

Overall the remake was terrible compared to the original, but if you want a Saturday movie to just watch while pottering about with your chores then it’s worth your time. If you just want to watch something with Chris Hemsworth in, then it’s definitely one you’ll want to put on.

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Hemsworth plays Jed Eckert (played by Patrick Swayze in the original movie), the older Eckert brother who has to take on the role of leader when his father is killed. As the North Koreans invade, a group of teenagers are left to defend their town (and their country). Jed, a U.S. Marine home on leave, uses his military knowledge to rally his young troops together and push for victory.

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It’s one of those guilty pleasures that is full of bloopers and faults, but deep down a part of you enjoys it.

#7. Curt in Cabin in the Woods

Usually, you can go into a horror movie and know exactly who will make it out alive. That’s not the case with Cabin in the Woods, as it twists all your beliefs and thoughts. Hemsworth stars as Curt in the movie, the boyfriend of Jules, main character Dana’s best friend.

Like many would expect from the man who played Thor, Hemsworth takes on the protective, All-American hero character. He isn’t afraid to take risks in an attempt to get to safety and that includes taking a chance at jumping a ridge with his motorbike.

#6. Kim Hyde in Home and Away

This is one of those roles that mostly Australians will remember, although Home and Away is now a soap opera shown around the world. Hemsworth spent 3.5 years on the set, before leaving to focus on his film career. He took on the role of Kim Hyde, a high schools senior in his first year on set.

Throughout the course of his time on the show, he had multiple girlfriends and slightly dark storylines. He showed his ability to portray mental health problems like depression and grief, while also taking on a drug use storyline.

This was his last role before gaining roles in film in Hollywood.

#5. Sam Phelan in CA$H

Who doesn’t love a movie with Sean Bean in it? CA$H put Hemsworth up against one of the world’s greats and he held his own throughout. He took on the role of Sam Phelan, who happens to come across a briefcase of money. The character isn’t the smartest, as who wouldn’t question where a briefcase of money from out of the sky appeared from?

Regardless, Sam and his wife are taken on a journey to rob stores and get deeper into the life of crime with the sinister Pyke Kubic. Hemsworth does give fans an honest view of what can happen and how money can wield a strange power over individuals.

#4. Nick Hathaway in Blackhat

While CA$H was a little more of a comedy look into the life of crime, Blackhat took a deeper, more thrilling look. Hemsworth played the role of Nick Hathaway, a prisoner serving time for computer crimes. His skills are soon needed by the good guys and he’s pulled into working with Americans and Chinese, as he tries to source a particular hacker.

Throughout the episode, Nick uses his prison knowledge and experience to get one over the hackers he’s after. The ending is fairly typical for the type of storyline, but it’s a side of Hemsworth you’ll barely ever see.

#3. Owen Chase in In the Heart of the Sea

Chris Hemsworth went to extremes when it came to filming In the Heart of the Sea. He had to lose all that muscle he’d built for Thor to look like a shipwrecked, starved first mate. As Owen Chase, Hemsworth takes on the role of a disappointed first mate with more experience and popularity than the captain. That’s never a good mixture when it comes to disaster movies, and leads to a series of mishaps and bad decisions that lead to Owen and his crew of survivors drifting in the ocean without food or water.

The end of the movie is a beautiful twist. No spoilers here if you haven’t seen it yet, but you’ll definitely want to catch Hemsworth in this beautiful role. The movie isn’t one of the most highly rated, but it’s a strong role from Hemsworth.

#2. George Kirk in Star Trek

Did you realize that Hemsworth was in the Star Trek movies? The role of George Kirk was actually Hemsworth’s first feature film, although CA$H was his first American production. He’s only in the opening minutes, although lines were later used for the sequel Into Darkness. It may have only been a small role, but it made a huge impact. Plus he embodied everything that was George Kirk from the originals.

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There are talks of Hemsworth joining Chris Pine in the fourth instalment. The show has already set up the ability to have two versions of Spock on screen at once, so having father and son on screen together shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

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#1. The Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman

When you want to watch Hemsworth in a role that’s sort of like Thor but at the same time completely different, Snow White and the Huntsman is the movie to watch. Forget all about Kristen Stewart and focus on Hemsworth. Okay, that’s hard to do considering their storyline together, but there’s plenty of The Huntsman on his own.

Unlike most other movies that feature Snow White, The Huntsman got a full backstory and character development. We saw him as a grieving drunkard and then as a kind, caring man and potential lover. Hemsworth gave everything in this role in all scenes.

What are your favorite Chris Hemsworth roles? Share them in the comments below.