What does Mark Pedowitz’s contract extension mean for Supernatural?

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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Mark Pedowitz’s contract at The CW has been extended and the big question is what that means for Supernatural’s future.

When Mark Pedowitz joined The CW in 2011, nobody was really sure what to expect. Since then, the network has grown considerably. It’s still the baby network, bringing in a small percentage of its parent network CBS, but it’s grown. This is especially the case for the digital aspect of the network. Pedowitz has always said that the digital side is where the network shows promise.

Well, that is definitely the case for Supernatural. As the longest-running show on the network, it’s continued to push boundaries and strive for results. The fandom is certainly part of the reason for that, but so are the actors. They put in extraordinary efforts at conventions on a monthly basis.

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Pedowitz has been a strong supporter of the show, sharing that the show will have a home on the network as long as it wants it. That is as long as the ratings hold up, too. So far, the ratings haven’t wavered (we’ll ignore the Thanksgiving mistake this year) both live and digitally.

So, what does Pedowitz’s contract renewal mean for Supernatural? Nothing but good news!

The show will continue to have a home. Pedowitz is not a man to change his mind overnight, but he does listen to the fans. When the Charmed fans shared how much they disliked the reboot idea, Pedowitz was one of the voices to shelf it temporarily and put focus back on developing the idea. When Supernatural fans said no to Bloodlines, Pedowitz agreed and refused to greenlight the spin-off.

Supernatural certainly has a home on the network. As long as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki want to do this show, it’s remaining. Pedowitz’s contract renewal confirms that.

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Supernatural returns on Jan. 18 at 8/7c on The CW.