What If: A look at alternate versions of Bob’s Burgers #1


With Bob’s Burgers on hiatus, the last 3 Sundays in February will feature a ‘What If’ question and how it would have shaped the show differently.

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With Bob’s Burgers currently on hiatus, fans have nothing to look forward to. Darn you, Olympics! Nevertheless, there’s still a lot of potential options on what to talk about. The show has become bigger and more popular than anyone has imagined. With all that success comes the possibility of “What Ifs?”

“What If?” questions are usually just saved for fun, but a cool way to look at a show or situation through different lenses. The possibility of “What Ifs” for Bob’s Burgers is huge as a lot of has changed since the show’s original pilot, the premiere and even, last season.

February will feature three different options for the show. Mostly it is a focus on what would have happened if something major had been changed. This week’s question is “What if Tina had stayed as Daniel?”

For non-Bob’s Burgers fans, you might be confused. During the show’s original pilot, there was no Tina. Instead, it was Louise, Gene, and Daniel. Daniel was still voiced by Dan Mintz, but just a male version of the character we’ve come to love. You can check it out below and see just how different the show could have been.

It’s strange to think about Tina not being around on the show. She’s become a symbol of sorts and not having her there is strange. Unlike other teenage girls on TV, she’s celebrated for why she’s different and not teased for it.

Enough about Tina, though. Let’s look at the show where Daniel exists. Tina’s obsession with horses would be replaced with something like cars or an anime show or dinosaurs. Daniel might be someone similar to the character of Henry Haber. Haber is known for being incredibly intelligent, loving graphic novels and all things history/sci-fi related to possibly.

Tina’s obsession with boys and their butts would have been toned down. Part of what makes her so relatable is how much puberty she’s going through. Puberty for boys is way different and trying to relate to Daniel would be a little creepy. Who can truly imagine a boy writing erotic friend fiction?

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Moving onto relationships! Some important relationships Tina has in the show include her mother, her father, her siblings and Jimmy Jr. Usually, boys tend to lose the close relationship with their mother so we can kiss goodbye a Daniel-Linda relationship.

As for Bob and Daniel though, that would be fun to see. Gene and Bob have some trouble getting along but maybe it would be different with another brother. The siblings would still follow the lead of Louise, there are no questions there.

Lastly is the relationship with Tina’s crush, Jimmy Jr. Maybe the show would have included Tammy as a love interest. Dealing with crushes as a teenage boy would be a lot different especially during the 13th birthday party where her first kiss happens.

If Bob’s Burgers featured Daniel, it would be completely different. It’s hard to think about a world where Tina doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, it’d be cool to see how Loren Bouchard and his crew would have incorporated Daniel into some of Tina’s storylines.

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Thankfully, their decision to change Daniel to Tina was successful. Personally, I don’t know want to know a world without Tina Belcher. She’s such an important female character and a refreshing face/personality on TV.

How much different would Bob’s Burgers be if Daniel had stayed? Do you think it would be as popular as it is now? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments!