4 reasons Dog!Dean was so adorable on Supernatural

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Michael Courtney Image Acquired from CW TV PR
Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Michael Courtney Image Acquired from CW TV PR /

In Supernatural Season 9, the writers decided to make Dean a dog, and not a metaphorical one. He literally embodied a canine. As it’s the Chinese New Year and we’re going into the Year of the Dog, what better time than now to celebrate that version of Dean?

Dog!Dean was adorable. There’s no doubt about it. He may have only been around for three quarters of the Supernatural Season 9 episode, but he is 100% memorable. As it’s the start of the Year of the Dog, now is the perfect time to celebrate this character and look at just why he was just so darn adorable.

The argument over the music

Even Dog!Dean adored classic rock music, but his canine companion certainly didn’t. One thing that you never do with Dean Winchester is argue with him over music. There’s just no way that you can win. Nor should you. Classic rock is the best music ever (and I had that view long before I watched my first episode of Supernatural), although the song choice at the time was a little slow and questionable.

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The best part was the way he was pulled into a meaningless argument over the music. And he just couldn’t help but ironically name-call the very male dog “bitch.” Sure, a go-to line for Dean, but it was the perfect addition of it in this particular moment.

Playing fetch with Sam

While barking at the mail man was good, the most adorable moment was playing fetch. Jensen Ackles got the comedic timing down to a tee. The best part of this was him having no intention of playing fetch, nor did he have much control over what he was doing. It was just instinct as he started to embody everything that it meant to be a dog.

Standing up for dogs in cars

There’s nothing worse than seeing a dog in a car on a hot summer’s day. Dean instantly stands up for all pooches in the world, why arguing with Sam about leaving the window open. No it definitely isn’t enough for dogs, Sam! There was no questioning about it. Dean adorably brought the dog out of the car and took him into the shelter to help with the case.

Freeing all the dogs

It was something we all wanted to see happen, right? After getting the information the Winchesters needed, Dean made sure that none of them were stuck in the cages. He allowed them all to roam free, causing havoc in the shelter. We could all guess what some of those dogs would do once free. This was just another moment that Dean’s doggy side showed his compassion for the four-legged animals.

This continues later with The Colonel. Dean doesn’t want to take The Colonel back to the pound, so takes him to the vegans they’d met earlier. Anything to make sure the four-legged friends were looked after.

Now if only we knew what dogs were really put on the Earth for. Would Chuck like to fill in the blanks from the episode?

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What were your favorite moments in “Dog Dean Afternoon?” What made this personality of Dean so adorable for you? Share in the comments below.

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