Mike E. Winfield: My Side of the Story stand up review

Mike E. Winfield performing a set from his stand up special, My Side of the Story. Photo Credit - Datrell Thornton
Mike E. Winfield performing a set from his stand up special, My Side of the Story. Photo Credit - Datrell Thornton /

From gut busting sets at the famous Laugh Factory to appearances on the acclaimed show, The Office, Mike E. Winfield has steadily grown a sizable following, thanks to his energetic comedy and sparking charisma. All of that is showcased in Mike E. Winfield’s first stand up special, My Side of the Story.

Mike E. Winfield may not be a household name at the moment, but that doesn’t mean his face (and afro) isn’t. Having made appearances on a couple of episodes of The Office, as well as multiple sets at clubs like the famous Laugh Factory, Winfield has snuck up on the general audience every now and again with sporadic appearances on TV. Now, Winfield has only just begun, starting with the release of his new stand up special, My Side of the Story.

His debut comedy special serves to showcase what a full hour of Winfield stand up is like, being able to properly demonstrate his sharp comedic wit and cackling energy onstage. Notable for his consistent interaction with his fans over social media, Winfield paints the portrait of an entertaining, yet genuine comedian, making this stand up special feel like even more of an accomplishment. However, does the special only have that going for it or does it rise above and beyond?

15 years of marriage…

My Side of the Story still
Mike E. Winfield performing a set from his stand up special, My Side of the Story. Photo Credit – Datrell Thornton /

A large portion of My Side of the Story focuses on the complicated nature of love and relationships, spending a good chunk of the special riffing on issues such as the pain of listening to your significant other’s work stories, linking up with a woman with a grown stepson, the harsh reality of Victoria’s Secret prices, among others. Winfield riffs on all this with a fiery and incredibly expressive manner. Winfield won’t do with just words. His physical comedy onstage, mostly acting out the hypothetical situations he’s riffing on with energetic body language, makes for a fast-paced special that’ll be easy to engage with right off the bat.

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The fast paced nature of My Side of the Story helps make up for the special’s lack of structure. There’s obviously more of a thematic focus when Winfield starts talking about his relationship. Even then, the majority of the sets don’t seem to have much of a flow to them, mostly appearing as if Winfield will just say whatever comes to his mind.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, as the fractured flow of the special provided a sense of unpredictability, keeping the audience’s attention and approval throughout the special.

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…Now he gets to tell his side

Throughout My Side of the Story, Winfield boasts an A-list confidence that simply begs for him to perform on a larger stage for his next special. Not that where he’s performing doesn’t have its own personality and charm. Though small, the venue is filled with a completely game audience, consistently laughing and showing their general approval of Winfield’s set.

The camerawork itself lends quite a bit to the overall production, being able to perfectly blend audience reactions with Winfield’s stand up in the same shots, forming a sense of intimacy that’s quite rare for stand up specials. The camera’s zoom and willingness to adapt to the context of Winfield’s jokes elevate the material to something higher than it already was before.

My Side of the Story BTS
A Behind the Scenes image of Mike E. Winfield: My Side of the Story: Photo Credit – Datrell Thornton /

That being said, I’m hoping to see if Winfield will be able to pull a larger venue for his next special, as the feeling exists that he would fit like a glove in front of a larger audience. The energy was almost too much for the small venue to handle, despite some of his more quiet moments throughout the special. With a larger venue and a grand crowd, Winfield’s confidence and comedic charisma would have a great chance of running wild, making for an even more complete special. If there’s one thing My Side of the Story proves, it’s that Winfield NEEDS a bigger audience to help tell his story.


In the social climate that exists today, it’s quite difficult to find a comedian that manages to riff on relatable and familiar issues in life without devolving into a cynical rant. Winfield, in that context, is an incredibly refreshing addition to the stand up comedy world.

He’s not incredibly clean or restrained, but in no way is he a try-hard, edgy comedian that gets his kicks from spouting angry, hate filled observations of his own life. Winfield has proven with My Side of the Story that one can vent to the audience without having to resort to ugliness, crafting an entertaining, fast-paced and genuinely charming stand up special, as a result.

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One can only hope that Winfield continues to thrive in the world of stand up and entertainment. His energy and incredibly charming presence made for a great watch, which gives all the more reason to help Winfield gather a grand production and audience for his future shows. It essentially begs for mainstream attention and, whether or not it is something Winfield truly desires, it’s fair enough to at least give him a bigger shot in the future. It’s not the most amazing comedy special ever, but it’s hard to come away from the show without a big smile on your face afterwards.

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

My Side of the Story is available to stream now on Mike E. Winfield’s official website for only $5!