The Goldbergs season 5, episode 15 recap: Adam Spielberg

The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)
The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) /

Last week’s episode of The Goldbergs was sports-centric with Barry’s football aspirations. This week the series is focused on Adam and his Steven Spielberg-inspired filmmaking.

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It was 1980-something and Steven Spielberg was already a highly successful film director and screenwriter. For film fans like Adam, Spielberg is an absolute hero for his work on E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Goonies. As the series has already paid homage to memorable moments in pop culture, the latest episode follows suit.

The episode, titled “Adam Spielberg,” is The Goldbergs special tribute to Spielberg as well as Indiana Jones. Due to Adam’s love of the director’s work, he decides to direct his own Indiana Jones original screenplay. Murray and Barry also make a bet involving the long-running debate over a beloved Philly sandwich.

Adam is a regular Steven Spielboopie

Once Adam sees an Indiana Jones shot-for-shot remake, he begins to have his own inspirations. He decides to create his own Indy script in which he titles, “Indiana Jones and the Thunder Glove of Prime Mutants.” Beverly is related that her son wants to become a filmmaker and uses her typical behavior to innocently intrude into his dream. In order to make his movie, he needs help so he posts a flyer at school to gather a cast and crew.

Adam’s movie starts out in the right direction considering the amount of people willing to take part. The JTP eagerly agrees to be members of the cast and crew and even Erica is on board to provide an original song for her brother’s movie. What starts out as a passionate project quickly turns into dream crushing madness.

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The cheesesteak quest

While Adam is busy with his Indy movie, Barry gets caught up in his own adventurous quest. He hears his dad and grandfather argue about the location of Philly’s best cheesesteak. Barry shares his blasphemous opinion that the best cheesesteak isn’t in Philly at all–he claims it’s in Jersey. The problem is Barry can’t remember the name or location of the memorable sandwich. Murray makes a deal with his son. If Barry can’t convince him that this place has the best cheesesteak then Barry must change his name to “moron.”

Barry receives surprising help from Coach Mellor regarding the location of this cheesesteak spot in New Jersey. Barry and Murray set out to find Donkey’s Place (which happens to be a real eatery in Jersey). Of course Barry gets lost but he eventually finds the location. Instead of eating a normal sandwich he decides to puts a unexpected fiery hot sauce ruining the experience. Then he accidentally leaves the keys in the shop which get locked in when the owner leaves.

Adam’s realization

It doesn’t take long for Adam to realize how difficult being a director could be. Problem after problem arises in his film’s production. The overwhelming feeling becomes greater when Beverly continues to overstep her boundaries and when Erica performs her self-focused song. Adam has a minor freak out but it isn’t until the giant newspaper boulder rolls after him Indy-style until it catches up with him.

The Goldbergs S5E15
The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) /

Adam has trouble believing that his dream of directing may never come true since his debut is going horribly. Beverly ensures him in her loving way that he should give it another try. Adam has a new perspective on his goal and decides that maybe directing isn’t he thing but he can still enjoy being a film writer. Of course Beverly reminds him that she won’t overtake his dream but she did actually push him to make the realization.

Barry’s own doom

Barry and Murray are stuck in a Jersey bus station when they see a guy eating a cheesesteak from Donkey’s Place. To redeem himself and finally convince his dad that he’s not a moron, Barry tries to switch out the sandwich with his hot sauce one. The man catches him and chases him through the bus terminal. At first Barry has some epic Indiana Jones moves but then his arm gets caught in a closing garage door.

The event results in Barry injuring his arm so they wind up in the ER. Even though Barry can act like a typical moronic teenager at times, Murray loves and supports him. Even if that means driving to Jersey and breaking an arm over a cheesesteak debate.

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