Gambi’s secrets are finally revealed on Black Lightning

Black Lightning -- Photo: Eli Joshua Adé/The CW
Black Lightning -- Photo: Eli Joshua Adé/The CW /

Gambi’s secrets are finally out with Jeff learning the truth about what is happening in Freeland on the latest episode of Black Lightning.

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The secrets have finally come out on Black Lightning. Gambi couldn’t run from them any longer and spilled it all to Jeff, but it seems he did it more to clear his own conscience than doing the right thing.

While the writer tried to make it seem as though Gambi had a revelation while at church, he did it to get the weight off his chest. It’s good Jeff finally knows the truth and no one should blame him for shunning Gambi.

black lightning
Black Lightning — Photo: Eli Joshua Adé/The CW /

Gambi claims he didn’t tell Jeff the truth to protect him, but protecting him would have been Jeff knowing his real enemies and the type of danger he and his family were actually in. Black Lightning now seems like a pet project of Gambi’s to clear his conscious, molding Jeff into a weapon so Gambi could contain – not rid – the drugs from Freeland. It’s sickening to feel that Gambi used Jeff as a way to make him feel better about Alvin Pierce’s murder.

Being Black Lightning comes with its own set of dangers, but when Jeff thinks the only battle is against The 100 and drug dealers, he could miss vital clues or information that would keep him safe, not knowing there is a government agency who wants him dead.

The difference between Jeff and Gambi is Jeff’s version of protecting his daughter means teaching her to protect herself. Granted, he is a bit overbearing, but he is Anissa’s father and comes from wanting to see his child safe. Seeing Jeff gush over Anissa’s smarts and then subsequently saving his life was delightful. He’s proud of the woman she is becoming. You wouldn’t see the same type of reaction from Gambi.

Now with Gambi’s secret out, Jeff will have to decide how he wants to proceed as Black Lightning. He knows the truth about why his father died – and Gambi’s actions that led to his death. While Alvin’s murder is not directly Gambi’s fault, his passive nature and inaction contributed to the circumstances of his death. That’s unforgivable.

The Pierce family is going through a tough time and it’s only going to get harder when Jeff and Lynn learn Jennifer also has powers. Though, they are going to find out sooner than Anissa’s case. Anissa was more inclined to figure it out alone, but Jennifer immediately went to her big sister after her power manifested when her friends were in danger. It seems Jennifer’s frightened state brought out her power.

One of the best things about Black Lightning is the family dynamic in the Pierce family. While Jeff and Lynn are divorced, they have a comfortable relationship that is built on trust and companionship. They didn’t get divorced because they didn’t love each other anymore – in fact, Jeff still pines away for Lynn. They broke up because Lynn couldn’t bear to watch what Black Lightning was doing to her husband.

Yet, now the whole family are metahumans. And don’t discount Lynn’s brains and detective skills just because she can’t charge up like her ex-husband and children. As a family, they are formidable, with each one bringing an element that complements the other’s skills.

It’s good they have discovered their powers now because with the ASA tracking Black Lightning, they are going to need it.

La La Land

Lala is back in with his old crew, but they are a bit wary about his return. Rumor on the street was that Lala was dead – because he was. His two boys, who drove Lala home, witnessed Lala talking to himself when he thought he was talking to Lawanda, a figment of his imagination. Though it seems Lala knows something is wrong. He knows he died.

Lala is now questioning his own demise and return, struggling to accept what has happened. Making it worse, he realizes that Lawanda isn’t real, though his connection to her is mystic and one that he can’t figure out.

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Even though Lala is not a good person – he’s a drug dealer who has killed people – I couldn’t help but feel bad for him as he was crying in the shower, trying to figure out what happened to him. Will Lala be good or bad? It doesn’t seem as Lawanda is exactly an angel on his shoulder – or chest, in this case – telling him to do good. So he might become an enemy of Black Lightning. Or maybe Tobias since that is who killed him.

We just have to watch to find out!

Black Lightning airs on The CW at 9/8c Tuesdays nights.