Michael Mosley Interview: Ozark, Seven Seconds and the blessing of busyness

Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers.
Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers. /

Michael Mosley steals the scene any time he is on camera. He can currently be seen on two Netflix shows, Seven Seconds and Ozark. We took a moment, however, to get to know the man behind the captivating characters.

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Michael Mosley has a series of credits to his name. Most notably, he played the lead on the USA Network paramedic comedy Sirens. This was when he first came onto my radar. The show was amazing (I’m still upset it was cancelled) and Mosley was great as the lead, Johnny. When Ozark came out last year Mosley returned to our screens in a big way, as many fell in love with his portrayal of pastor Mason Young. Less than a year later, Mosley was back yet again. This time in a bigger role as detective Joe “Fish” Rinaldi on the Netflix drama Seven Seconds.

We here at Hidden Remote were fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to interview Mosley recently. We used that time to get to know the man himself a little better. Here we talk about his process, his background, and some of his future work.

Hidden Remote: Looking at your resume, most of your work can be lumped into two categories: Comedy, and crime-drama. Which is your favorite?

Michael Mosley: I like them both. Don’t make me pick.

HR: Most recently, you were seen playing detective Joe “Fish” Rinaldi on the show Seven Seconds. I’ve been incredibly impressed by your ability to disappear into a character. Tell me a little bit about your process in preparing for this role. 

Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers.
Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers. /

MM: I met with homicide detectives from LA, Jersey, and NY.  They’re the real deal.  They see stuff every day that most of us, hopefully, never have to deal with, and they keep their cool about it.  If they become emotional they won’t be using their heads. If I lost a loved one to sudden violence, I wouldn’t want the homicide detective wringing his/her hands about it. I’d want these guys.

HR: In your other Netflix role, Mason Young on Ozark, you again disappear into the character. I actually had to double-check IMDB to make sure it was you I was seeing. Can we expect to see you in Season 2, and if so, what should we expect?

MM: Thanks. I loved playing Mason. And I loved working with Jason and Laura and Bethany Anne Lind, my TV wife. They’re all so talented.  I feel as an actor you’re as good as the person across from you. I was lucky to be in their company. No spoilers on season 2 though.

HR: I saw that you optioned the rights to the Jerry Mark story and will be playing him in the film. I know that you’re from Iowa and the murders took place there, was this a story you were familiar with growing up and was that your motivation for making the film?

MM: I did. The Jerry Mark story is something that has fascinated me since I was a kid. We used to drive out to this little cemetery in Finchford, IA, where there were 4 small headstones.  A family of four were murdered in their beds November 1, 1975 in a house very close to that cemetery. Jerry, the brother of the slain father, was ultimately convicted of the quadruple homicide. He’s currently serving life at Fort Madison penitentiary in Iowa.  I have been in touch with Jerry the past year, and my partner Jeremy Davidson (James Connelly from Seven Seconds) and I have been working to develop the story into something.  A film or possibly a series.

HR: Are there any other stories you’re looking to potentially tell down the line?

MM: I love a good story.

HR: I know you have a background in theatre as well. What would you say was the biggest adjustment for you, going from theatre to film?

MM: Theatre is A LOT harder and pays A LOT less.  I miss it tremendously though.  It’s how you cut your teeth as an actor.  If scene work in film is a sprint, theatre is a marathon. It’s the church of acting.

HR: How busy is your schedule right now between the shows and any other projects you may be working on currently?

MM: I welcome work. I’m working in Atlanta right now. Last year, I was wrapping Ozark, and starting work on Seven Seconds at the same time. It was hectic. A lot of airports.

HR: Transitioning into some lighter questions. With your many comedy roles there must have been some pretty hilarious moments. What’s one of the funniest behind the scenes stories you can tell? 

MM: Comedy is so much fun. My favorite experience was working on Sirens with Denis Leary and Bob Fisher. It’s where I met my buddies Kevin Daniels and Kevin Bigley. They were the other two knuckleheads in the ambulance with me. Shooting those scenes in the ambulance where great days to be at work. We would get the lines down so tight we would just play around with the scene. Sometimes directors wouldn’t call cut and we’d just keep going making shit up, trying to get the other guy to laugh. It was perfect.

Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers.
Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers. /

HR: Super heroes are in and don’t appear to be going away. Could you see yourself playing any comic character? Or is there one that you’d like to play?

MM: You got a cape?  I’ll put on a cape.

HR: And a big one. What are your career goals or aspirations?

MM: I’ve been very blessed with the work I’ve gotten over the years. That’s all I want. To keep working. To keep telling new and interesting stories and representing new and interesting people.

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With the success of Ozark and Seven seconds, I expect that Michael Mosley will get his wish.

Season one of both Ozark and Seven Seconds are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 2 of Ozark is due out this Summer.