The Crossing’s Bailey Skodje talks playing a young girl who has lost her mom

Photo credit: The Crossing/ABC by Bob D'Amico, Acquired via Disney ABC Press
Photo credit: The Crossing/ABC by Bob D'Amico, Acquired via Disney ABC Press /

The Crossing debuted on ABC on April 2, telling the story of a group of American refugees from 180 years into the future. Bailey Skodje plays the youngest character on the series, Leah.

The Crossing sees LOST meet Dark Angel. It’s a story of American refugees from 180 years in the future and one of those refugees is Leah, a nine-year-old looking for her mom. There’s a beautiful moment in the opening of the pilot that sees the two together, so you know exactly who her mom is, but that’s the only time you see them together. There will hopefully be more to come.

Bailey Skodje is the talented actress to watch. She managed every single emotion beautifully, telling us the fear, shock, and sometimes happiness without any confusion. Sometimes it’s just a look that tells us all. Skodje answered a few questions, touching on Leah, the things to come, and what it was like playing a young girl who has lost her mom. Just how did she do it all so convincingly?

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Note: There is a minor character spoiler in this, but nothing that gives a major plot point away!

Hidden Remote: You are such an amazing and talented actress. How much work does it take to be so good at such a young age?

Bailey Skodje: Thank you! I really love to read, so I enjoy reading scripts, which really helps me understand my characters more. My mom put me into acting classes when I was 3, with Athena Russel. She helped me break down my characters, especially seeing as I couldn’t read yet.

I have continued to train since then with her and some other really great coaches, too (my cousin Emily Tennant, Nicole LaPlaca, and Julian LeBlanc) so yes, it is a lot of work but they make it fun and I really like playing different characters. It’s really cool!

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Photo credit: Karolina Turek; Acquired via Advantage PR
Photo credit: Karolina Turek; Acquired via Advantage PR /

HR: What can you tell us about Leah in The Crossing? Any spoilers you’re allowed to share?

BS: Leah is a very strong girl, who is one of the refugees that comes from the future after running away from the war with her mom. She is shy and scared at first as she gets used to being around different people without her mom. Leah also brings with her a deadly virus from the future so is in for the fight of her life.

HR: Oh, that’s so interesting! What’s it been like playing this girl who’s lost her mom?

BS: It was actually kind of fun, but also really hard because I have never really even auditioned for something like that before. I’m so glad it’s just pretend because I have lost my mom before and it was scary!

HR: I bet! It couldn’t have been easy to channel the emotions and feelings. How did you prepare for this role and the storylines?

BS: I have triggers that I use so it’s easier for me to cry real tears and laugh naturally. It also makes it easier when I have really great actors to work with in the scenes with me, who are really supportive. We had lots of great directors this season, who have encouraged me and supported my choices. Everyone on this show has been so wonderful; the creators & writers of the show have done an amazing job with the scripts.

The character of Leah really fits me, so it’s easy for the emotions to play out.

Photo credit: Karolina Turek; Acquired via Advantage PR
Photo credit: Karolina Turek; Acquired via Advantage PR /

HR: What moment has been your favorite and least favorite while filming?

BS: My favorite part of filming was definitely the water scenes. It was so fun working with Natalie Martinez and all the stunt people for that part. They were all so good and never wanted to get out of the water!

I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about filming, except for having to do school. Sometimes I didn’t want to go.

HR: Oh, I completely understand that! If you could do any role at all, what would you choose and why?

BS: I would love to play a ghost or someone with superpowers because I would hopefully get to do lots of stunts and wear cool clothes!

HR: Thank you so much, Bailey! And good luck with everything!

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Bailey is definitely one to watch for the future. If you enjoy TV shows with mystery and intrigue, running multiple stories at once, The Crossing is certainly the show you want to tune into.

The Crossing airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC, taking over The Good Doctor‘s timeslot.