Life of the Party is fun, but don’t expect the time of your life

Life of the Party, via WB Media Pass
Life of the Party, via WB Media Pass /

Move over, Regina’s mom! There’s a new cool mom in town. Life of the Party is a cheesy movie with a slow start, but eventually delivers big laughs with a fun twist.

Deanna Miles’ (Melissa McCarthy) receives the shock of her life when her husband Dan (Matt Walsh) demands a divorce. But this strong woman is making lemons out of lemonade (this makes sense after you watch the movie)! Deanna’s only regret in life is not finishing school, so she signs up at the same college her daughter is attending to pursue her archaeology degree.

By now, you know what to expect from a Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy movie. If you enjoyed their previous films (Tammy, The Boss) you’ll likely enjoy Life of the Party. But if you did not, stay away from this one.

Life of the party
Life of the Party, via WB Media Pass /

While you’ll probably walk out of the theater with a couple of one-liners memorized and ready to use, there isn’t much else to take away from this movie. Its title is Life of the Party, but it’s not really all that fun. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy several scenes. The movie takes a long time setting up the jokes. Other than a few chuckles, the real laughs don’t begin until after the second act. But once they arrive, you’ll be laughing loud.

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Are those few fun scenes worth the wait, though? That’s all up to you! If you decide to stick through it, big laughs are not your only reward. Deanna’s best friend Christine (Maya Rudolph) is arguably the best thing about the entire movie. Simply put, she’s hilarious. And so relatable if you share a close relationship with your best friend and have a ride-or-die. There’s also a fun twist you won’t see coming!

Love McCarthy or want to escape the superhero frenzy? You may not have the time of your life, but Life of the Party is a fun getaway. If you’re “down to clown” like Deanna, check it out!

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Life of the Party also stars Gillian Jacobs, Jessie Ennis, Chris Parnell, Julie Bowen, Molly Gordon, and more. It opens in theaters Friday, May 11.