Where can you watch Christian Keyes now?

Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CW TV PR
Photo Credit: Supernatural/The CW by Dean Buscher Image Acquired from CW TV PR /

Christian Keyes has officially wrapped his appearance in Supernatural. We knew it was likely he would go, but now where do you get to see him?

We said goodbye to some faces in the Supernatural Season 13, just like we always do. Not all were in the traditional ways. Christian Keyes was one of those actors we’re saying goodbye to. Apart from that, that’s all the spoilers you’re getting from the finale in this post.

What does this mean for all those new Keyes fans? You’ve seen him play out Apocalypse Michael in such an amazing way, you surely want to see him on your screens more. I certainly do! I’ll take more Keyes any day.

The great news is you can watch him on your screens RIGHT NOW. While working on Supernatural, Keyes was also working on a BET legal drama called In Contempt. He stars as Charlie Riggs in the series, a lawyer who isn’t afraid to play hardball to help his clients. Whether you think that makes him a good or a bad guy is completely up to you.

More from Supernatural

Keyes has already recently been in Saints & Sinners, where he plays Levi Sterling. Levi is one of the main characters in the Bounce TV series and is the prodigal son–so definitely not the archangel Michael. However, there is certainly a Biblical theme in a way, as the storyline involves the congregation of Greater Hope Baptist Church and the pastor holds some dark secrets.

If you want to keep a Supernatural theme, watch out for the upcoming The Family Business. Okay, so the theme is just the name but this is something that is currently in post-production and Keyes plays Niles Monroe. Based on a novel, the movie tells the story of the Duncan family. The family runs an exotic car business by day but have a dangerous social life by night.

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What are you watching with Keyes in right now? Which show or movie are you going to watch next? Share in the comments below?

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