Nashville Season 6B premiere recap: What’s happened to Will?

Nashville -- Pick Yourself Up -- Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT Press
Nashville -- Pick Yourself Up -- Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT Press /

Nashville Season 6B picked up almost straight up where 6A left. Just what had happened to Will and does Maddie move out?

It’s been a difficult break, but Nashville Season 6B is finally here. While it does mean the last eight episodes of the series, it also means answers to some of our biggest questions. The premiere picked up where the 6A finale left us, giving us immediate answers to how Will is and the aftermath of Brad deciding to file for full custody of Jake?

As usual with Nashville recaps, there are spoilers in this piece. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I certainly encourage you to do that first.

Is Will okay?

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We quickly pick up in the hospital during the Nashville Season 6B opening. Avery, Gunnar, and Alannah wait in the hospital’s waiting room for any news, going through the media reports of Will having a heart attack. It turns out that it wasn’t a heart attack, but it is still serious. Due to his steroid use, he has an infection within the lining of the heart.

Will learns that he’s going to have to take things easy for now. That means no training and no touring, but, of course, he can’t possibly follow any advice. He needs to keep himself out there.

One thing that this does offer him a chance to do though is to write again. We finally see him pick up a guitar and create a beautiful song towards the end of the episode.

Nashville Season 6B
Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

What’s Alannah up to?

Meanwhile, the press is hounding Avery on Juliette’s whereabouts. They’ve got his cell number and know that he visited her in Bolivia. Avery doesn’t want them to find out that Juliette has decided to leave him and Cadence behind, not quite realizing it’s a religious cult yet, so he just says that she’s still on her missionary work.

When he goes home, he spends time with Cadence and reads her the same bedtime story three times–seriously, we need more of this guys!–but is interrupted by a knock at the door. Alannah, who heard Avery on the phone to the press, has decided to stop by to see how Avery is doing. It’s clear she has ulterior motives, but Avery is respectful of Gunnar and decides just to talk to Alannah.

Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press
Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

In the end, Alannah falls asleep on the floor and Avery on the couch. It’s all innocent, but the journalists just see what they want to see. News spreads that Avery has moved on with Alannah.

Gunnar sees this and instantly jumps to the wrong conclusion. Well, it would be right if Avery wasn’t just a standup guy when it comes to his friends. Of course, Gunnar isn’t interested in listening to the truth. Has he not learned that the press twists everything in Nashville?

Will Maddie move out?

When it comes to the Conrad-Claybourne house, things aren’t easy there in Nashville SSeason6B either. Deacon learns that Maddie is drinking and he’s understandably worried about her. He fears that she will be just like him when it comes to alcohol. She’s fed up of living under his watchful eye, so decides it’s time to move out. After all, she’s 18 now! When did Maddie turn 18? It seems like only yesterday this series started.

Daphne doesn’t want her big sister to move out. The poor girl is still struggling with her mental health and potentially losing her sister devastates her. Of course, this eventually has to happen in life, but Daphne just isn’t ready for it to happen yet.

In the end, as Deacon consoles Daphne, Maddie decides that she’ll stay for now. Daphne doesn’t want Maddie to stay just for her, but Maddie makes it clear that she’s not ready to leave yet.

Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press
Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

Who will Jessie choose?

Finally, there’s trouble in paradise for Deacon and Jessie. Brad is suing Jessie for full custody and things aren’t looking good. The judge will know about Deacon’s past and won’t look favorably on Jessie for being with him. If she wants to keep Jake, Jessie will need to break up with Deacon.

This isn’t something either of them wants. At the end of the Nashville Season 6B premiere, Jessie decides that she doesn’t want to give up her happiness. If she does it means Brad has won again and she isn’t willing to let that happen. She will fight Brad with Deacon by her side.

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Will Gunnar listen to Avery? Should Jessie put Jake first? Were you happy Will started writing again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Nashville Season 6B continues on Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT.