Is there any hope for Juliette and Avery on Nashville?

NASHVILLE -- "No Place That Far" -- Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE -- "No Place That Far" -- Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR /

Nashville is coming to an end and it looks like Avery and Juliette will finish apart. Could Juliette breaking out of the cult be hope that the two will come back together?

With just a handful of episodes left to go of Nashville, it looks like we might end the series with Juliette and Avery apart. The couple that we’ve been rooting for over the last few years looks to be broken completely. Juliette chose the cult over her family and now Avery has moved onto Alannah. However, Juliette has broken out of the cult–as least it looks that way–could this be a chance for the two to find their way back to each other?

It’s not going to be easy. If Juliette is definitely free of the organization, there are going to be a lot of tears, frustrations, and anger. We just need a chance that the two will find their way back to each other.

Avery is already moving on

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A strike against the two is that Avery has moved on. He chose to be with Alannah and that will certainly put a spanner in the works. However, there is always going to be a part of him that loves Juliette. He’s returned to her and forgiven her multiple times. Juliette has been downright awful to him and he’s stuck around.

The fact he flew to Bolivia to get her back shows that he does still love her. He begged her to return–for Cadence as well as him–and has clearly struggled with his feelings for her and for Alannah in Nashville Season 6B.

Right now, he thinks Juliette is gone and has chosen not to be with him. However, once she’s back with her story, all his feelings for her will likely come rushing back and she becomes a real possibility again. The chance of working on their marriage becomes a possibility and he could possibly choose her because of that.

NASHVILLE — “No Place That Far” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE — “No Place That Far” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR /

Juliette is pregnant

Avery has become a man of honor. When Cadence came along, he instantly stepped up and became the one to look after her. Juliette needed help for postnatal depression (a storyline that mirrored Hayden Panettiere’s real life and I’m grateful for the show focusing on postnatal depression and how it can look) and Avery was the one to step up and make sure Cadence always had someone. Many men could have walked away, been in a panic, or just stumbled along until someone helped them. Avery tried it alone and asked for help when needed.

With Juliette back and pregnant again, Avery will need to weigh up all the options. While I don’t want a storyline of Avery only choosing Juliette for the baby, that does need to become a factor in his thought process. He wouldn’t just leave Juliette to have the baby, not considering how awesome he is as a father.

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Juliette has grown as a person

There’s no doubt about it that Juliette is growing as a person. She has her immature and jealous moments, but for the most part she’s starting to grow. At first, she put herself first but this is all part of what a cult can do. No matter how strong you are, a cult can play with your psyche and, hopefully, that’s something Avery will understand.

When it came to it, Juliette put her family first. Once she realized she was pregnant, she needed to get out for her husband and child. She also offered to help her “jailer” get to her son and break free. There’s a chance that she’ll return, but this time with the help of others.

With Juliette growing as a person, there’s more hope for this relationship working out. That could be a deciding factor for Avery.

Nashville Season 6B
Nashville — Pick Yourself Up — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

Avery and Alannah just don’t work

Maybe it’s just me who can’t stand Avery and Alannah together (because I want Juliette and Avery to work) but that couple just doesn’t work. I thought Avery had grown past fighting with Gunnar over a girl–doesn’t he remember what it was like with Scarlet? Alannah also sees a little too much like the old Juliette in some ways, who doesn’t care about the consequences and isn’t really all that interested in the people she chooses to be with.

The two don’t work and that’s reason enough for them to break up. That would allow Avery to move back to Juliette.

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Do you think there’s hope for Juliette and Avery on Nashville? Would you like to see the two back together? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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