Supernatural Season 3, Episode 5 recap: Things get a little fairy tale

SUPERNATURAL -- "Bedtime Stories" -- Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "Bedtime Stories" -- Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

The Winchesters find themselves in a land of fairy tale almost, as their case involves trauma and comas. Check out everything that happened Supernatural Season 3, Episode 5.

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 5 focused on the idea of coma victims and what happens in the mind. Titled “Bedtime Stories,” the Winchesters quickly learned that a grieving, in-denial father was creating the settings his daughter was killing and attacking with. How could they help him finally accept she was gone, while getting justice for this girl?

It’s time to delve into the recap for the episode. Just what did the Winchesters do and how did they react? By the way, I’ll be the first to admit I was worried about the use of fairy tales with how Charmed handled the use of fairy tales, but I did enjoy the end results.

Sam wants to get Dean out of his deal

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The case the Winchesters faced had a direct connection to their own lives. Sam wanted to do everything he could to get Dean out of his deal. With a restored Colt, he thought he could kill the demon Dean made the deal with–I would like to know how he could assume he would find the right demon, but never mind. Dean, of course, wasn’t interested, knowing that it wouldn’t work. This is an important argument for later in the episode.

Instead of arguing more about the crossroad demon and the deal, Dean pushes the discussion about the case. It turns out there’s a possible werewolf in Maple Springs. When they get there, they actually find out that it wasn’t a werewolf at all, but an ordinary man.

The next victim is a woman who was attacked in the woods. This wasn’t a wolf-man, but a sweet old lady who offered her and her boyfriend pie. The old lady drugged the two and then stabbed the boyfriend. Fortunately, the woman got away. The woman then shares that she saw a young girl at the window of the house.

Dean and Sam head off to the house, where it’s full of high EMF readings, suggesting a spirit was there. However, Sam realizes that all these stories he’s hearing resemble fairy tales. The first man who was attacked sounds like the story “The Three Little Pigs” and this latest one was like “Hansel and Gretel.” Does the spirit have something to do with that?

Making the fairy tale connection

Of course, Dean is skeptical at first, but then realizes there’s a house with a pumpkin and mice outside. When he goes in, there’s a woman who is chained and has been beaten. You guessed it; the stepmother is responsible. Dean now sees the specter of the young girl who looks very much like you’d imagine a young Snow White, who disappears and leaves behind an apple.

When the Winchesters get back to the hospital, they realize that Dr. Garrison, one of the hospital staff, has a daughter. Callie has been in a coma since she was eight, and Dr. Garrison routinely reads fairy tales to her. In spirit form, she looks like the eight-year-old girl. It turns out the young girl swallowed bleach and the Winchesters start believing the spirit is acting out through fairy tales to get some attention for something.

What’s that something? When another victim is brought in and Dean goes off to find out if it’s another attack, Sam shares a suspicion he has with the doctor. What if Dr. Garrison’s wife who poisoned her? Meanwhile, Dean is attacked by a man who has kidnapped a young girl.

Dr. Garrison finally accepts that Callie’s spirit is around and she is able to confirm that it was his wife who poisoned her. Naturally, he’s distraught, but he’s able to let her go and her spirit is able to move on. With Callie’s spirit moving on, the fairy tales end. All Dr. Garrison shares is the regret that he couldn’t let his daughter go sooner.

SUPERNATURAL — “Bedtime Stories” — Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL — “Bedtime Stories” — Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Sam pays the crossroad demon a visit

Dean makes a point to Sam that Sam is Dr. Garrison right now. Sam needs to let him move on. The deal was made and Dean isn’t getting out of it.

Of course, Sam isn’t willing to listen to that. When Dean sleeps, Sam sneaks out and summons a crossroad demon. She taunts him, making it extremely clear that she no longer holds the contract. Someone higher up in the chain of command does. And she tells him this with the Colt to her head. Angry at the situation, Sam kills the crossroad demon.

What did you think of the final moments in the episode? Did you worry about Sam after this in Supernatural Season 3? Did you hope that there was some way of saving Dean? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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