Did Daphne do the right thing in the end on Nashville?

Photo credit: Nashville/CMT -- Acquired via CMT Press
Photo credit: Nashville/CMT -- Acquired via CMT Press /

Nashville Season 6, Episode 13 saw Daphne step out of her comfort zone. Was it the right thing as an artist?

After an episode of being pressurized into dropping her guitar as part of her act, Daphne decided it was time to do just that. It looks like it was finally her decision, but was it the right one for her on Nashville? Would she have done it had it not been for the pressure from Brad and Ilse?

Honestly, I’m in the middle of this. As an artist and a competitor in this music competition, it was definitely the right thing for her. She needed to be able to perform in the way we’ve seen her mom, Scarlett, Juliette, and many others perform over the years. Ilse did have a good point about the guitar becoming like a security blanket for her; something to hide behind. All it was doing was hindering her ability to connect with the audience.

However, doesn’t this mean Brad has won this fight? He was the one who wanted her to drop the guitar, threatening her with being knocked out of the competition. There were mind games at play and I don’t want to see Brad win any more battles on Nashville. This is where it’s difficult; why I’m in the middle. We seemed to get this build up to Daphne standing up against Brad and then nothing.

Photo credit: Nashville/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press
Photo credit: Nashville/CMT — Acquired via CMT Press /

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But then as a 14-year-old, Daphne’s not really going to have the courage or strength to stand up to such a guy. She’s going to need to be part of a bigger movement, which would likely involve Jessie and Alannah. The three of them together will be far more beneficial, so just going with the flow right now and taking the chance to get out from behind the guitar was the best thing for her.

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I’ve got to take Brad out of the equation for this debate. Performing without the guitar and connecting with the audience would have done wonders for her confidence. She’ll see her votes increasing and she’ll have the guts to do this again. This is her chance to shine and become the next big thing.

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Do you think Daphne did the right thing? Were you happy to see her perform without the guitar? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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