Strange Evidence exclusive clip: Like something out of Independence Day

Photo credit: Strange Evidence/Science Channel -- Acquired via Discovery Channel PR
Photo credit: Strange Evidence/Science Channel -- Acquired via Discovery Channel PR /

A deep-sea dive team gets more than it bargained for in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out this Strange Evidence exclusive clip of the creature that is something out of Independence Day.

While checking on the rig’s stabilizing cables in the Gulf of Mexico, a deep-sea dive team gets more than it bargained for. The return of Strange Evidence on Science Channel tonight brings you something that looks like it’s out of the movie Independence Day. What exactly is it? Get a chance to see in this exclusive clip.

The case started as just a routine check. When deploying a remote operated vehicle (ROV) into the Gulf of Mexico to get their rig, the team starts to wonder if there’s a problem with the cables. Deep in the ocean where sunlight doesn’t reach, the team soon realizes that they’re not dealing with frayed or damaged cables at all. They’re dealing with a creature they’ve never seen before.

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During the exclusive clip, marine biologist Brendan Talwar shares his thoughts and the fact that he’s never seen something like this before. Is this the proof we need that aliens are out there–or more like down there? Do we finally have the evidence to prove we’re not alone in the universe? That’s going to be the question to answer when Strange Evidence returns tonight.

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This isn’t the only case for the night. The Strange Evidence premiere episode also sees scientists check out a toxic fog that has caused people to flee their Illinois homes. Is this something like The Mist? Meanwhile, experts are puzzled over the size of a fireball formed after a highway collision in China.

Check out the synopsis from Science Channel for tonight’s all-new Strange Evidence.

"In the premiere episode, scientists examine an eerie, toxic fog that creeps into an Illinois town, causing people to flee for their lives. Also, a deep-sea dive team in the Gulf of Mexico spots a curious looking organism through their camera before it disappears back into the inky depths. In China, a highway collision creates a freeway fireball that has experts puzzled over the scale of the special effect-like blast."

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What do you think the creature in the Gulf of Mexico is? Are you excited for the return of the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Strange Evidence returns on the Science Channel tonight at 10/9c.