Big Brother Season 20 recap: The first blindside of the season, fan favorites return

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Season 20 of Big Brother, Kaitlyn begins to second guess her decision to backdoor Swaggy, and fan faves from Big Brother Season 19 drop by for the Power of Veto competition.

While Winston is excited at the idea of backdooring Swaggy, he’s still worried about putting his trust in Kaitlyn who isn’t even part of his alliance. Brett isn’t happy to see a fellow bro on the block, so he’s hoping to play for the veto, so he can take Winston off, securing his safety.

The FOUTTE alliance feels good about the nominations, convinced all they have to do is win the veto, and Winston will be walking out the door.

The time comes to pick players for the veto competition. Kaitlyn picks Houguest’s Choice and chooses Faysal. Scottie draws Rachel, and Winston gets Tyler.

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Kaitlyn may have chosen Fessy to keep up appearances, but she tells him she doesn’t want him to win the veto. Kaitlyn’s worried Fessy will win, use the veto, and she’ll have to surprise him by putting up his best friend.

This sort of makes sense. No matter what, Faysal is going to be shocked if Swaggy goes up, but if he doesn’t use the veto, Fessy won’t feel responsible when the blindside goes down.

Faysal doesn’t understand why Kaitlyn doesn’t want him to win, and she fabricates the excuse that it might make him a target if he wins the veto and uses it two weeks in a row. Faysal responds if someone puts him up because they view him as a threat, he’ll just win the veto again, and take himself down. Kaitlyn’s request makes Faysal nervous, and he has no plans to throw the comp.

The houseguests get surprise visitors, Jess and Cody from Big Brother 19. This romance is going the distance. The two are engaged. The couple have returned to lend a hand for the veto competition.

They announce BB has developed its own dating app called It’s exclusively for BB houseguests looking to connect. “Jody” tells the houseguests they’ll learn more during the Power of Veto competition.

In this veto competition, each player swipes through the BB dating pool on a quest for the perfect date. The timer begins when the first dating profile appears. Each contestant must swipe through the seven dating profiles, looking for clues (likes and dislikes) where each former houseguest would like to go on a date. There is only one solution that correctly matches each houseguest to their perfect date spot.

There are cardboard cutouts of the seven houseguests, and it’s up to each player to put them in the right location. The player who places the former houseguests (Boogie, Christmas, Jodi, Cody, McCrae, Michelle and Jozea) in the correct date destination (movie theater, psychic, yoga studio, the park, a sushi place, a coffee-house and an Italian restaurant) in the shortest amount of time, wins the Power of Veto. They have a total of 20 minutes.

Tyler wins the competition with a time of 5:29.

Tyler is stoked because he’s pretty much running things, but he doesn’t want anyone else to know. Speaking of Tyler, he’s exceeded my incredibly low expectations of him. He’s turned out to be a much better player than I thought, and he really rocks the man bun. Very cute. We’re having a showmance, he just doesn’t know it.

With Tyler winning the veto, Kaitlyn gets nervous because her plan to backdoor Swaggy is actually moving forward. Kaitlyn also finally realizes that if she backdoors Swaggy, nobody is FOUTTE is going to trust her or want to be her friend. All Tyler can do is continue to use his considerable charms on Kaitlyn and reassure her she’s making the right move.

Faysal wants to know what Kaitlyn plans to do, and she lets him know she wants Tyler to use the veto on Scottie, and she’s going to put Angela up in his place. Kaitlyn has a hard time lying to Faysal, but she knows if she divulges her plan, he could ruin it. This leads to Kaitlyn crying in the Diary Room. It’s not about making friends, Kaitlyn, it’s about making money.

Rachel’s Crap App punishment begins, and it involves a large, loud, irate man entering the house, screaming and insulting Rachel. Like the Hamazon deliveries, this takes place at all hours of the day and night.

Kaitlyn can’t stand the idea that this Swaggy move is going to make her unpopular, so she decides to confide in Haleigh, hoping her friend will soften any blowback. Haleigh isn’t happy, but she feels she’s got no choice but to act  as if she’s on board. Haleigh doesn’t want to risk pissing off the HOH.

Haleigh does feel comfortable running to Rockstar and not only telling her about Kaitlyn’s plan, but that Tyler is the one who put her up to it. Haleigh asks Rockstar to keep this information to herself.

This blindside quickly becomes the worst kept secret in the house, since Kaitlyn goes ahead and gives Faysal a heads up. She hopes he can still trust her but understands if he can’t. Kaitlyn asks him for a hug, but Faysal isn’t ready to kiss and make up.

The big moment arrives — the Veto Meeting. Tyler takes Scottie down. Kaitlyn begins crying (although I don’t see any actual tears), apologizes and puts Swaggy on the block.

In the diary room, Swaggy vows to make everyone’s life a living hell. Faysal is pissed and feels betrayed by Kaitlyn who he thought was his friend, and Bayleigh is straight up panicking.

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Can Swaggy C save himself for eviction? Do Tyler and Kaitlyn have targets on their backs? Will they stick together? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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