Nashville recap: What is Gideon’s secret?

NASHVILLE -- "For the Sake of the Song" -- Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE -- "For the Sake of the Song" -- Mark Levine/CMT -- Acquired via CMT PR /

As Juliette faces Darius in the latest episode of Nashville, Deacon fears his father may be drinking again. Find out everything that happened in this week’s recap.

Gideon has a secret and Deacon naturally fears the worst in this episode of Nashville, titled “For the Sake of the Song.” It doesn’t help that Scarlett is suggesting the same thing: Gideon is drinking again. Meanwhile, Juliette faces Darius about the real things happening in the cult and Alannah realizes that she’s not the only victim of Brad’s sexual harassment.

Here’s a look at everything that happened in Nashville Season 6, Episode 14. As you would expect from a recap, there are spoilers ahead.

Juliette risks her fortune

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Not getting anywhere with the state department, Juliette has to turn to the man behind the cult. It’s clear that he’s ready for a fight, with someone in the meeting to jot down notes. Juliette isn’t standing down, though, even when she’s reminded of the non-disclosure agreement she signed. I’m curious; does a NDA stand when the other party is doing illegal acts? Regardless, she decides it’s worth risking her fortune by breaking the NDA and talking to the press.

Of course, Juliette will have to prove what happened to her really did happen. We know she’s telling the truth, but Darius and his team are able to twist everything. It becomes a he-said-she-said battle, as Darius makes it look like Juliette was the Prima Donna in the whole situation and chose to lock herself away.

NASHVILLE — “For the Sake of the Song” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE — “For the Sake of the Song” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR /

Juliette is angry and upset. As it spreads over the news, Avery (who is now back with Gunner and Will) is watching in dismay. Who does he believe? After all, the old Juliette would have been capable of everything Darius said. Is this what happened?

Maddie learns the truth about Jonah

It’s about time this happened! After weeks of watching Jonah attempt to hide his relationship with the unstable actress, the actress turns up at a pajama party. Twig is tasked with preventing Maddie from finding out again, but he ends up telling her the truth. Finally, Maddie learns that Jonah is a cheating, lying scumbag.

Of course, Twig is the one that gets it in the neck. Maddie is angry that he knew all this time and kept it from her–and during this episode she’d been encouraging him to step out of Jonah’s shadow and start producing music on his own. Jonah is angry that Twig didn’t stop Maddie from finding out. While Twig has been in the wrong, this is all Jonah’s fault. But the scumbag won’t take responsibility for this at all. Let’s see how this turns out in the last two episodes of Nashville.

NASHVILLE — “For the Sake of the Song” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE — “For the Sake of the Song” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR /

Alannah plays Brad at his own game

When Alannah realizes that she’s not the only one in Brad’s business suffering from his sexual harassment, she decides to talk to Jessie. It turns out six ex-employees have settled with Brad for harassment and they spoke to Jessie afterward. Alannah is just the most recent in a long list, with another being the secretary, who is clearly upset but feels she has to accept it.

This story continues to remain important. There are legitimate fears of never working again; fears that this is the only option to have a job in an industry you want.

So, Alannah decides it’s time to play Brad at his own game. She makes it very clear that she despises him, while flirting over dinner. You can see she’s planning something, but it’s not exactly clear what that plan is yet. Is she strong and smart enough to play him into trouble? We’ll have to wait to find out.

NASHVILLE — “For the Sake of the Song” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR
NASHVILLE — “For the Sake of the Song” — Mark Levine/CMT — Acquired via CMT PR /

Deacon worries about Gideon

Finally, it’s all about Gideon, who has been sneaking off during the day. The girls are worried. Does he even know anyone in Nashville? Naturally, Deacon is worried too and admits that he’s been thinking Gideon is out drinking when talking to Scarlett. If Gideon is drinking, he’s out of the house and out of their lives for good. It doesn’t help that Gideon is trying to take credit for teaching Deacon the guitar and all Deacon remembers is the abuse and anger when he got something wrong.

To find out, Deacon decides to follow Gideon. That takes him to a garage, where Gideon is, in fact, meeting with friends. They’re all drinking ice tea and playing music together.

That night, Deacon has a radio gig and decides to play a song that his dad taught him. We get other memories that look like Gideon’s tale of events: Gideon taking Deacon out for his first guitar and teaching him how to play a song. There’s laughter and praise; not the Gideon we’re seeing in Deacon’s flashbacks.

As Deacon and Gideon bond, Daphne takes some laundry into Gideon’s room. That’s when she finds an empty bottle of whiskey under the bed. Is he really drinking?

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Do you think Gideon is really drinking again? Can Alannah play Brad at his own game? Will Juliette’s truth come out in the end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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