Supernatural lore: The truth about Hold Nickar and Winter Solstice

In Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8, another pagan deity was introduced. Hold Nickar, also known as Madge and Edward Carrigan, were the Winter Solstice pagan gods. Here’s a look at the real lore behind the show’s mythology.

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 8 was the first holiday-themed episode, bringing in another pagan deity. After “Scarecrow,” we knew to fear the pagan deities, but never expected one about Santa and Christmas. The Teutonic god, Hold Nickar, was used for inspiration, taking the form of Madge and Edward Carrigan for the creation of the Supernaturalore

Here’s a look at the real lore and show mythology used in “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” There are some differences and similarities between the two.

Supernatural lore: The Carrigans

Madge and Edward Carrigan looked like a sweet old couple in a suburban area. However, they were actually Hold Nickar, gods of the Winter Solstice. In return for human sacrifices, they would bring mild weather to the area.

They weren’t actually two gods, but one, split into the female and male halves. One of the most complex creatures on the series, they could only be killed by an evergreen tree.

Christmas is the Christian adaptation of the pagan’s winter solstice and Yule. The Carrigans were angry at the way the Christians had adapted the holiday and torn down temples. It meant the pagan gods were no longer sought after and worshipped as much.

SUPERNATURAL — “A Very Supernatural Christmas” — Photo Marcel Williams/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR

Real Hold Nickar lore

In the real world, there is certainly lore around the pagan deity Hold Nickar. In fact, the god is one of three used to create the Christian and human version of Santa Claus. Nickar was used for naming sake, finding the Christian St. Nicholas, according to Amazing Discoveries.

In Scandinavia, the god is known as Nickr or Nicor. This is a water demon, who is usually said to appear as a child with horse legs or an old man with long hair–see where the idea of Santa’s look came from? The Nickar water deities drowned their human sacrifices.

It’s not surprising Hold Nickar was used as inspiration for the Carrigans. There was an interesting twist to the mythology to create Supernatural lore, don’t you think?

What do you know of Hold Nickar? Did you realize there was real mythology for the Supernatural lore? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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