DC Universe: First impressions on the new Titans trailer

TITANS -- Image acquired via DCU PR
TITANS -- Image acquired via DCU PR /

DC dropped a trailer for their upcoming Titans show when they made an announcement for DC Universe earlier today. Here are our first impressions on the trailer.

DC has big plans for its upcoming streaming service, DC Universe. In addition to new shows, you’ll get a catalog of older shows and movies. Plus, they plan to add comics to the mix. We have all of the details on pricing and pre-orders from their announcement this morning.

As a big DC fan, I’ve kept up with the shows and the movies. Although, the latter I keep up with begrudgingly at times. With the slate of shows that DC Universe announced, I’m looking forward to most of them. They’re taking some risks with shows like Doom Patrol while bringing back the beloved Young Justice. 

When I first watched the Titans trailer, it was instantly a lot darker than I was expecting. This is by no means just going to be a live-action version of Teen Titans Go! and that’s perfectly okay. DC will still have that kids content around, but younger kids will probably be staying away from this one with it’s TV-MA rating.

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Dick Grayson has the same origin in this that we’ve seen for years, the main difference is that Bruce Wayne doesn’t seem to be around. Dick doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of Batman, but he has that same kind of anger Bruce had after losing his parents.

The trailer focuses on Robin and Raven the most, but we do get glimpses of Starfire and Beast Boy in action. We don’t see too much CGI outside of Starfire’s quick appearance, though, so we’ll have to wait and see how Beast Boy’s transformations look. Hawk and Dove get quick appearances in the trailer, too.

With so much action, it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on, but we know that there’s some sort of demonic presence surrounding Raven. When a criminal asks about Batman, that means this probably takes place in Gotham. It’ll be interesting to see how everything unravels throughout the first season.

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I wasn’t totally confident when DC kept announcing show after show, and I don’t think they have my confidence just yet. They keep taking a dark path with some of their content, especially the movies, and so far, it hasn’t worked out for them. I probably won’t be grabbing a full year subscription right away, but I’ll at least give it a shot for a month when it launches this fall.

Titans arrives on DC Universe this fall.