What we learned about the upcoming DC Universe streaming service

Photo credit: Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo credit: Warner Bros. / DC Universe /

DC Universe has divulged some exciting new details to us at San Diego Comic-Con and it is going to be a truly unique experience.

When sitting down with DC Entertainment Publisher-Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, there is a major sense of glee that radiates from him along with any and all involved in the upcoming DC Universe. From the opening moments of the DCU x SDCC, we learned that this will encompass all of the ideal streaming qualities but with an edge, and that’s the new union between comic books and media.

DC Universe strives to be the first brand to merge both together, offering fans a chance to nosedive into comic book series while enjoying both new and old television titles. When showing off the user interface, a picture perfect format is used with a full-force barrage of media. On one hand, you have this beautiful dark blue layout with the essential DC vibe, but it includes a variety of icons and options to prove it has an aesthetic appeal.

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For those of you who are fans of both comics and television, there is a strong recurring theme for the ideal to really bring both together. If you are looking to dive into a certain character’s comic after watching one of their titles, you will now have a tab that features related content in both forms to immerse yourself into a DC heaven that shows endless opportunities. One thing that aids this marriage of comic and media is a new feature that serves as a DC database. Now, users will have the chance to explore character specifics in both forms, without the pesky notion of constant edits that may or may not be factual.

DC Universe also implies that they will have additional opportunities for fans to interact with the DC world by taking polls and open discussions that will use fan opinions to go on record as part of the DC database. The streaming service goes above and beyond by bringing back what they refer to as an old-school forum, where topics can be discussed openly and freely amongst fellow viewers/readers. With these particular inclusions to DC Universe, it proves that they have high hopes to surpass our notions of what can be offered through a service as a multimedia juggernaut.

TITANS — Image acquired via DCU PR
TITANS — Image acquired via DCU PR /

What a large part of DC fans have been waiting to hear about is certainly the process of their original programming and where we can expect it to take off next. What they did manage to confirm is the launch of Titans as their staple series, beginning a 10-week run that will be followed up with 13 episodes from the third season of the massively beloved series Young Justice.

After Young Justice airs the first half of the season, it will transition into the live action Doom Patrol for 10 episodes, then the highly anticipated Swamp Thing, with the remaining half of Young Justice rounding out their current slate. Lee stated that DC hopes to see original programming every week, but they have carefully selected the titles based on interests and fans passions, with one other titled set to be revealed over the weekend.

For fans wanting to take on DC Universe for its comic-book based additions, DC promises a plethora of new and old titles that have each been remastered to 4k quality like never before. The idea hopes to spark mass readings of series through their panel by panel transitions that make it the easiest possible way to take in each frame and dialogue – but after seeing it firsthand, I can understand the hype. If that wasn’t enough for you, there will also be an offline reading option so you can take your comics anywhere with no concern regarding appeasing your love for any title you can imagine.

The trailer for Titans is evidence that DC Universe isn’t going to be your cookie-cutter platform but is more of a darker take on the iconic team that we’ve always needed. With Nightwing saying “f*** Batman” and a demonic-looking Raven taking center stage, there will be something distinctly different and refreshing in the next full-fledged DC project.

DC Universe can be pre-ordered at SDCC and at DCUniverse.com at the cost of a $7.99 per month, or an annual fee of $74.99, so make sure to check out the new platform as soon as possible (which aims to be accessible to every device by 2019.)

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