11 things we learned about Siren season 2 at Comic-Con

Photo by Jerod Harris / Getty Images
Photo by Jerod Harris / Getty Images /

The cast and creators of Freeform’s Siren took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease season 2. Here’s everything you need to know!

At the end of the first season of Siren, the personal journeys of Ryn, Ben, Maddie, Xander and Helen all took a sharp turn. Xander and Ryn are both coping with a lost family member, Maddie’s mother comes back into her life, Ben’s essentially under siren song mind-control, and Helen reveals herself to be one-eighth mermaid.

Going into season 2, we’re going to see these journeys continue as the characters look to understand more about how to navigate life in Bristol Cove.

11 things we learned at SDCC about Siren season 2:

1 – Now that Ben has clarity about how the siren song is controlling him, he’ll be able to act accordingly. Alex Roe teased that Ben will be looking for ways to fight back against the siren song and potentially find a complete remedy.

2- Maddie’s mother will have a presence in season 2! Fola Evans-Akingbola says that we will see Maddie’s mom on screen and that she and Maddie will have scenes together in the second season. Fola’s also excited for Maddie to explore her independence and family dynamics (with parents and with Ben / Ryn).

3 – Rena Owen’s curious to learn more about Helen’s family ties to merpeople and to Ben will develop. She hopes that in Siren season 2, we’ll find out how Helen was able to keep this part of her a secret for so long.

4 – In season 2, Ian Verdun says that Xander’s “entire world has been shattered,” and that in addition to grieving his father, he’s also wracked with guilt about what happened to Donna. Verdun said that impulsiveness is one of Xander’s best and worst traits.

5 – A challenge that Ryn will face in Siren season 2 is having to live as more of a human and developing a day-to-day routine. Eline Powell says that even simple daily tasks will be very complex for her, and she’s curious to see what Ryn’s reaction will be to new “mers” after being a human for a period of time.

Siren season 2
Photo by Jerod Harris / Getty Images /

6 – The panel confirmed that mermaids/merpeople are a matriarchy, which is something we saw in episode 9 when the other merpeople had to obey Ryn. We will continue to see this in season 2, when we dive into the lifestyles and social structures of the mermaid world.

7 – It’s possible that other main characters will be under a siren song in season 2…

8 – Showrunners confirmed that we’ll also be learning more about the mythology of the siren song, including what it means, where it came from and the psyche of how it works. The creators said that they’re embracing original mythology from all over the world, while still putting their own spin on this.

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9 – Rena Owens teased that Helen will be in the community more and not just stuck up in her shop or home (including some meraeople-wrangling). We’re not sure if she was serious, but Rena also commented on whether Helen’s mermaid blood may give her some superpowers…

10 –  We are 110% going to see more merpeople characters in Siren season 2.

11 – Eline said that in her mind, mermaids are polyamorous. For merpeople, romance is about sensuality and Siren season 2 will continue to explore this very non-typical love triangle between Ryn, Ben and Maddie.

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Siren season 2 will return to Freeform in early 2019! What are you most hoping to see next season? Let us know on Twitter @HiddenRemote.