Jane Levy says her character Jackie is a Castle Rock fangirl

Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Hulu, acquired from Hulu Media Site
Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Hulu, acquired from Hulu Media Site /

We caught up with Castle Rock’s Jane Levy to learn about her character Jackie, who she says is the town’s resident fangirl of its mysterious, supernatural past.

In Castle Rock, the new original series set in the Stephen King multi-verse, a psychological thriller mystery unfolds when an extra prisoner is discovered in Shawshank. The news of the oddity will be more exciting for some Castle Rock residents than others. For Jane Levy’s character Jackie, the idea of a haunting mystery returning to the town is exciting.

We caught up with Jane Levy this past weekend at Comic-Con to learn more about Jackie and why she’s invested in the happenings of Castle Rock, Maine.

“Jackie is the self-proclaimed historian of Castle Rock, and she’s also the one taxi driver in town. She is, like many King fans, probably some of you, a huge fan of the history,” Levy said. “She’s really proud of being from Castle Rock. She has grown up on all these legends, all of these supernatural, scary things that have happened in this town, but nothing’s ever happened while she’s been alive.”

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Jackie takes up the taxi driver job because she loves to meet people in town and be in-the-know about who’s coming and going from Castle Rock, eager for any gossip of new supernatural scenarios. “It’s as if you’re from New York City now, you’ve heard about New York City in the 80s, and you feel really cool because you’re from downtown, but like, you never went to CBGBs. It’s like that, where she just could not love macabre and horror more,” she explained. “She’s f**king bummed because she’s like, ‘Where is it? Why isn’t the town producing anything scary for me?’ until the very beginning of the series.”

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Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Hulu, acquired from Hulu Media Site /

Jackie will see someone who’s returned home to Castle Rock

In the premiere, we know Henry Deaver will return to the town, and we think it has something to do with the extra prisoner in Shawshank. “Henry Deaver shows up. She catches wind that there is this person, a young man/thing, found in the basement of Shawshank Prison. She’s like, ‘F**k yes, let’s go. This is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for,'” Levy said.

So we know Jackie loves being able to say she’s from Castle Rock (and is a self-proclaimed fangirl of the town), but does she actually want to see a horrific mystery during her lifetime? “I think she hovers right at that line,” Levy said. “But I think yes… she lives for this shit.”

Watch the full Castle Rock interview with Jane Levy:

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Castle Rock season 1 premieres July 25 on Hulu. Are you even more of a Castle Rock fan than Jackie? Let us know on Twitter @HiddenRemote!