Supernatural Season 3, Episode 10 recap: Dean dreams of a normal life

SUPERNATURAL -- "Malleus Maleficarum" -- Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "Malleus Maleficarum" -- Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 10 brought us a human monster once more. This time he took on a Freddy Krueger feel, as he trapped people into dreams.

What happens when you sleep? For most of us, it means dreams of events our subconscious has stored up. That could mean memories of the past, thoughts of the day, or nightmares of the last horror movie we watched. In Supernatural Season 3, Episode 10, titled “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” the Winchesters and Bobby were put in a life or death situation in a Freddy Krueger-esque episode.

It all started with Bobby looking around a house, when a woman attacks him from nowhere. However, it turned out that he was alone in a motel room, still asleep when the maid finds him. When she fails to wake him up, it’s off to the hospital, which brings the Winchesters in. It’s time for them to learn that dreams aren’t always the safest place to be.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters deal with their thoughts, feelings, and fears of Dean’s deal coming to an end.

The Winchesters trace Bobby’s steps

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Once they get the phone call that Bobby is in hospital (they’re his emergency contacts, which is super sweet and believable by this point in the story), the Winchesters immediately go in search for some information. The best thing to do is retrace Bobby’s steps, which means going to his motel room and checking out the recent case he was on. It was all about Dr. Walter Gregg, who had died after falling asleep and never waking up.

As Sam continues to research, Dean goes to the doc’s office, where he manages to talk to the assistant. She shares that the doctor had been carrying out a series of secret sleep experiments, so Dean goes off in search for the participants. He finds one, who offers him a beer (of course, he accepts) and that’s when the guy, Jeremy, shares that he doesn’t dream. The study used some sort of yellow tea that would help him dream when he slept.

Getting into Bobby’s head

When Dean returns to Sam, Sam figures out that the yellow tea was probably African Dream Root turned into a tea. The root allows people to enter others’ dreams and the doctor was likely killed by one of the participants. Now Bobby is the one this “monster” is going after.

Sure enough, in Bobby’s head, he continues to be chased by the woman and opts to hide in a closet.

Dean suggests that they get into Bobby’s dreams with the root tea and that means getting in touch with Bela. When Bela turns up with some of the dream root, she tells the Winchesters that she owes Bobby for “Flagstaff” and that’s why she’s doing this. With that, she leaves the Winchesters to go into Bobby’s dream.

A glimpse of Bobby’s past

When in the dream world, Sam and Dean are separated. Dean is the one who finds Bobby, who shares that the woman in this nightmare is his wife. His wife just wants to know why Bobby stabbed her and Bobby claims that she was possessed. At the time it happened, he didn’t know how to save her from the possession, so killed her.

It’s a haunting tale, but shares just why Bobby is alone and the way he is. We also finally learn what pulled him into hunting. He and John had some similar experiences, as their wives were the reason they got into hunting.

Outside, Sam runs into Jeremy, who is angry that Sam is in the dream world. Bobby is able to take control of the dream, which pulls them all out. Now it’s time to pin down who the guy is. Bobby knows, and also knows that it was the beer that helped Jeremy get the DNA needed to make up the tea and get into Bobby’s dream. Dean is now in danger.

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Dean faces his wishes and fears

Two days later, they’ve still not found Jeremy, so Dean decides to face Jeremy in his dreams. Sam is also going in, so they go to sleep in the Impala. When they find themselves in Dean’s dreams, they find Lisa on a blanket with a picnic basket. All Dean wants is a normal life, although he would never tell Sam that.

When the Winchesters are split up again, Dean finds himself in a motel room. There’s someone on the desk and it turns out to be the demonic version of himself. Dean tries to take control of the dream, but he can’t. This Dream!Dean reiterates all the fears and the thoughts, making it clear that the demon is what Dean knows he will become.

Meanwhile, Sam is tied to stakes and takes a beating from Jeremy, who gets stronger with each dream he enters. The only thing that helps Sam is that he took the dream root, too, and he’s able to manifest a version of Jeremy’s father, who had beaten Jeremy as a child. Jeremy, frozen in fear, is killed by his dad in the dream.

In the end, the Winchesters get out of the dreams alive. As for Bela, well, “Flagstaff” was just the time Bobby gave her a good deal on an amulet. Bela was there for something else: the Colt. She’s taken it. Also, Dean admits to Sam that he doesn’t want to die after all. He doesn’t want to go to Hell.

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