Why Sharp Objects doesn’t need a second season

Amy Adams.photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site.
Amy Adams.photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site. /

Sharp Objects won’t be getting a second season and here’s why it doesn’t need one.

When I heard about Sharp Objects and the fact that it would be on HBO when I happened to be in the midst of a free trial, I knew I wanted to check it out. This lead to me picking up the book and quickly making my way through it before the show’s premiere. The book tells a dark story and so far, they’ve translated that well on the screen.

According to Deadline, it was Amy Adams’ decision to not return for a second series even though it was dubbed a limited series to begin with. However, we’ve seen shows like The Sinner that were set to be a limited series expand into a second season, so that doesn’t always mean much. In the case of Sharp Objects, though, it’s an understandable choice for Adams. Camille Preaker is a character who suffers day-in and day-out, so to be in that mindset for the show would be tough on anyone.

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The show’s eight episodes already plan to tell the full story that we see in the book, so where would a second season even go? It’s hard to say since there wouldn’t be much source material other than knowing who Camille Preaker is. Sure, that’s compelling enough to make up something new, but with a show this heavy, it wouldn’t be necessary. With the comparison to The Sinner, that show’s second season won’t even have Jessica Biel in it (she’ll be a producer on it, though). The show is bound to have a different feel because of that. (Side note: I’m still all in on that show thanks to Carrie Coon being in the second season.)

Amy Adams is doing a fantastic job with Camille and you really couldn’t have as impactful of a second season without her. Earlier in July, she did an interview with EW where she talks about not wanting to live in the mindset that Camille does. The whole interview is very informative on how Adams feels about the character and is worth a read.

As a fan, I don’t really want a second season. The book is so powerful with its storytelling that it more than suffices for me. When I finished the book, I didn’t find myself wanting more. Instead, it was more like, “Wow that was quite the ride,” and I needed a bit of a breather afterward. All I did was read the book, and Adams is the one who had to embody this character for the entire production of the show, which was much longer than the few days I’ll have spent reading the book and watching the show.

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I’m not saying Sharp Objects doesn’t need a second season because I think the show is bad. In fact, I’m enjoying the adaptation a lot. They’ve done an excellent job with the casting and the way they’re retelling this story. The show is only three episodes deep right now, but with how heavy it’s already been, I’ll be perfectly fine only having eight episodes of this show.

Sharp Objects airs on HBO on Sundays at 9:00 PM.