Big Brother 20 recap: Does the Bonus Life power save Rockstar or Kaitlyn?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, the houseguests debate whether to vote out Kaitlyn or Rockstar. The Bonus Life App is activated.

In the wake of the Veto Ceremony, Faysal knows Kaitlyn is heartbroken over his choice to use the veto on someone he has feelings for over his best friend in the house. He hopes this move makes Haleigh trust him.

Sam’s logic for using Rockstar as a replacement nominee is simple: Rockstar annoys everyone in the house. Kaitlyn is devastated by Fessy’s betrayal. He has no choice but to face her. It’s hard to tell exactly what is going on with Kaitlyn. She starts out saying that Faysal sealed her fate, knowing the decision to leave her on the block guarantees she’ll go home. She’s also upset because men have lied to her in the past. Then it becomes about Fessy making her look like an idiot.

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Aside from his crush on Haleigh, the main reason Fessy turned on Kaitlyn is because of what she did to Swaggy. Kaitlyn insists she was sticking up for herself, and her backdooring Swaggy had nothing to do with Fessy. Faysal can’t overlook how Swaggy’s eviction has affected his game.

Tyler wants to keep Kaitlyn around. He’s been able to influence her decisions and sees her as a valuable commodity for himself and Level Five (née Level Six).

Kaitlyn needs six votes, including Tyler, to stay. They think they’ve got Kaycee, Angela, Rachel and Brett. They figure she needs to sway JC. Since whoever gets evicted on Big Brother could return to the game, the decision of whom to vote out is more strategic than ever.

JC doesn’t view Rockstar as a threat. She’s not a good physical competitor, and it’s easy to tell where her head is at. For the first time, the Level Five alliance can’t count on JC to vote their way.

Faysal continues to try to make amends with Kaitlyn by telling her he loves her, and she’s still his best friend. This is hard to Kaitlyn to believe after his huge betrayal.

Faysal is growing tired of Kaitlyn’s behavior. He can’t deal with her mood swings, and the fact that she’s taking everything so personally. Fessy decides it’s just easier to tell Kaitlyn what she wants to hear. Faysal also knows that if he votes Kaitlyn out, he’ll be her target if she comes back.

Rockstar wants to rely on her former alliance members, but she doesn’t know where anybody’s votes lie.

Haleigh wants to keep Rockstar. Bayleigh and Scotty are on board. Haleigh’s also counting on Fessy who told her he’d vote however she wants him to. They need two more votes to seal the deal. They all encourage Rockstar to campaign to save herself.

Rockstar begins with Brett, trying to appeal to his ego. While Brett could care less about anything Rockstar has to say, he does begin to have second thoughts about keeping Kaitlyn. He needs to figure out whether he wants to vote based on a personal vendetta or strategic game play.

Sam turns to Tyler to get a feel for which way the house is leaning. In the case of a tie, Sam has every intention of getting rid of Kaitlyn, but she doesn’t want the rest of the houseguests to know that. She tells Tyler she’ll threaten to put two dots in a cup as a way to put the pressure on everyone to make a decision or risk leaving it up to fate.

Tyler questions what happens if Kaitlyn comes back, and Sam makes it clear there’s no way she’s losing this game to Kaitlyn. If Sam is going to lose, she wants it to be to a worthy adversary.

The time arrives for the live vote and eviction on Big Brother. Each gets a chance to make a brief statement. Rockstar says that if she leaves, she’s charged several of the houseguests with a mission she expects them to accomplish.

Kaitlyn advises the houseguests to play the game based on their intuition. Whatever they decide, it’s for the highest good at all times.

JC votes for Kaitlyn to stay. The rest of the houseguests vote for Rockstar. Once Julie Chen announces the results, the Bonus Life App is activated. Kaitlyn learns she’ll immediately compete in a live challenge to determine her fate.

Kaitlyn retreats to the BB App Store. As the other houseguests look on, Kaitlyn must take a puzzle apart, transfer the pieces and reassemble them. She has two minutes and 30 seconds to complete the task. Kaitlyn fails and is eliminated from the game.

Kaitlyn is upset to learn that the one vote she received to stay was from JC and not from Tyler or Fessy. But she accepts her eviction as a sign that someone outside the house needs her more than anyone inside. Remember, everything is about the greater good. If that cushions the blow of losing out on half a million dollars, so be it.

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Should Tyler and Fessy have voted to keep Kaitlyn? Did Faysal seal Kaitlyn’s fate by using the PoV on Haleigh? Did Kaitlyn make for good TV? Will the house be boring now that she’s gone? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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