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We caught up with Jesse Rath at #SDCC to learn about Supergirl season 4! See what he had to say about being stuck in the past, and why he’s excited for fans to see Brainiac-5 scenes with Alex and Lena:

When Supergirl season 4 premieres this October on The CW, we’ll find Brainiac-5 stuck in the present century. We caught up with Jesse Rath this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con to learn more about how Brainiac-5 will be affected by dramatic lifestyle change.

Without the Legion cruiser and the other technology of the 31st century, life in the past is “definitely going to be a learning curve for him,” Rath said. “You’ll still see him struggle with the past, but more so struggling with his coworkers and his friends he’s got to work with.”

Facing anti-alien sentiment in National City

In Supergirl season 4, the team will be facing a rising anti-alien movement in National City, which Rath says mirrors the refugee and migrant crisis currently happening in the US. For Brainiac-5, who will have known of this National City conflict from history, actually living through the conflict will be a shocking experience.

“I think there’s a theme that we explore which is: there is a different between knowing history and experiencing history,” he said. “At first, Brainiac will kind of just be like, he’s like a walking spoiler alert, he’s like, ‘You guys, it all works out in the end, so don’t worry about it.’ You know? But then he comes to learn what it feels like to experience someone who hates him just because of the way he looks.”

Brainy scenes to watch out for in Supergirl season 4

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We asked Jesse Rath to tease what he thinks fans would love the most about his character in Supergirl season 4, and scenes with two different characters stood out to him the most. “I think they’re really going to like some scenes between Brainiac-5 and Alex (Chyler). We have some great scenes together where she’s just very fed up with me, and it’s like a funny relationship we have,” he shared. “And there’s some great scenes with me and Lena that are really fun. I think we both kind of respect our level of intelligence, and so we have some cool scenes with Brainiac-5 and Lena. I think they’re going to like that.”

Watch the full interview below to learn more!

Interview with Jesse Rath for Supergirl Season 4:

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Supergirl season 4 moves to Sundays this year and will premiere October 14 at 8/7c on The CW!