Why isn’t [Spoiler] in Orange is the New Black season 6?


Orange is the New Black fans all wondered where Alex is, as she’s missing in the trailer, but we didn’t think about another character noticeably left out.

Warning: Not yet finished with your Orange is the New Black season 6 binge-watch? Spoilers ahead!

“Where’s Alex? Have you seen Alex?” is the most-asked question (and most annoying) in season six of OITNB, but what about the iconic duo, Flaritza? BFFs Flaca (Jackie Cruz) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero) are too much fun together. We love watching the two share the screen, they never fail to make us laugh. Their friendship is the best and often serves to cheer us up when the series gets a bit too dark and real. So, naturally, we missed them dearly in season six. Where the hell is Maritza? Is Diane Guerero gone for good? Is there no chance of a reunion in season seven?

The Season 5 finale separated Flaca and Maritza. At the end of the prison riot, Flaca was put on a bus with several others we know, Martiza, however, was escorted to a different one. And while most of them were reunited (yes, Piper found Alex), Maritza is never seen again.

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As Bustle, sadly, reports, Maritza was transferred to another prison. But really, Guerrero’s absence shouldn’t be too shocking if you have kept up with her work. The Christian Post was one of the first to report Diane Guerrero joined Superior Donuts on CBS, questioning if she would be leaving OITNB. Scheduling conflicts on top of Maritza being on an entirely different prison, are the reasons her character simply didn’t fit in season six.

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However, just as we once saw Natasha Lyonne’s Nicky and Laverne Cox’s Sophia leave the series temporarily before, we may see Maritza again. And with season seven reportedly being the last one in the series, Flaritza could happen next season.

Orange is the New Black season six is now streaming on Netflix.