Big Brother 20 recap: The new HoH targets two members of Level Six

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, JC’s vote for Kaitlyn throws the house into chaos. The power is up for grabs as the houseguests compete for HoH.

After Kaitlyn’s abrupt exit on Big Brother 20, Sam says she feels like it’s her fault. After a vindictive nomination speech and making it clear Kaitlyn was her target, Sam acts as if she has regrets. It feels like a ploy to garner sympathy from the other houseguests, but it wasn’t even a close vote. She apologizes directly to Tyler who is sad but far more concerned about the random vote to keep Kaitlyn. He wants to clear his name.

He’s not the only one who needs to prove he didn’t flip. Haleigh questions if Fessy had a change of heart. Fessy is angry Haleigh would even question his intentions after he used the veto to save her.

JC voted to keep Rockstar because he knew it would bring a lot of paranoia and drama into the house. But JC considers Tyler a buddy and doesn’t want his friend to get blamed.

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Tyler decides to make it clear to everyone that he voted Kaitlyn out. He was told the vote would be unanimous, and there’s no way he’d be stupid enough to go against the majority.

It’s a bit lame Tyler didn’t have the balls to even throw a pity vote Kaitlyn’s way, but it’s becoming obvious that Tyler’s allegiance is with whoever is HoH, and once Kaitlyn became a target, he distanced himself as much as possible, spending more time with Sam.

Suspicion shifts to Scottie. Bayleigh knows Scottie flipped on Swaggy because he was stupid enough to tell her. Bayleigh believes Scottie is trying to frame Tyler.

Brett’s upset because he would have loved to vote to evict Rockstar. Not because he wants her to stay, but because he dislikes her so much.

All these superfans should accept this mystery move as simple game play and move on. Kaitlyn is gone.

Another eviction means another HoH competition, “Perfect Timing.” One at a time, the houseguest sit on a platform, aka “email,” and send themselves down a slide from the outbox located at one end, to the inbox located at the other — kind of like human shuffleboard. The goal isn’t speed, it’s accuracy. They have to reach their destination in exactly eight seconds. It doesn’t matter if they go over or under, it’s who gets the closest. The houseguest who accomplishes this becomes the new Head of Household.

Bayleigh wins with a score of 8.08. Bayleigh hasn’t exactly been in the loop for most of the game, and she sees this as an opportunity to figure out what’s really going on in the house and “regulate.”

Bayleigh’s win is great news for Fessy, Haleigh, and Rockstar. Scottie also celebrates, and even though he feels confident Bayleigh won’t put him up, he doesn’t know she suspects him of foul play. Rachel is also gunning for Scottie, hoping to get him on the block to keep as many members of Level Six safe.

Tyler immediately goes to work on Bayleigh, playing the sympathy card. He doesn’t have anything nice to say about Kaitlyn in the DR, claiming people may have thought she was his number one, but she actually was much further down the list — like ninth.

Bayleigh remains clueless about Tyler’s ties to the other side of the house, and Tyler is content to have Bayleigh consider him a loner because then there’s no reason to target him. Bayleigh doesn’t view Tyler as a threat to her game, but he hasn’t helped her further it either. During her HoH reign, Bayleigh wants to see unconditional loyalty from Tyler.

Bayleigh knows she’s going to put up Brett. She just needs to figure out who to put up next to him. Preferably, someone who won’t cause too much trouble for her.

Bayleigh confronts Scottie, asking if he went rogue on the eviction vote. Scottie, who screwed over Swaggy, actually has the nerve to be offended by the accusation.

Scottie tries to pin it on Rachel. His proof? Rachel was “freaking out” afterwards.

Bayleigh has come to play, and she lays it out for Scottie: he’s crazy, he does a lot of weird stuff and she needs him to be “Team Bay.”

Bayleigh has a gift for hyperbole (sadly, she doesn’t grasp the meaning of the word literally) and threatens to carve Scottie up in pieces if she finds out he flipped and didn’t tell her.

Even though Bayleigh and JC have had their differences in the past (one racially-charged conversation comes to mind), but he’s not her target. She is considering using him as a pawn.

Bayleigh’s aggressive style of demanding loyalty doesn’t go over well with JC, but he’ll tell her whatever she needs to hear to stay off the block.

JC and Faysal are the new bromance in the house, and JC wants Fessy to work Bayleigh on his behalf. Bayleigh sees through Fessy’s attempts at persuasion. She knows JC is good for Faysal’s game, but that doesn’t mean he’s good for her’s.

Bayleigh’s gut tells her to put JC up, but if she doesn’t, it’s up to Fessy to keep JC’s ass in check. If JC crosses her, it’s Fessy’s fault. Faysal better hope JC is worth putting his neck on the line.

It’s unclear who or what sets Bayleigh off, but after talking strategy with Haleigh, Bayleigh calls Fessy into the HoH room and pitches a fit. Bayleigh reminds Fessy his allegiance lies with her and Haleigh and not with JC. There is something so off-putting and unlikable about Bayleigh’s interactions as HoH. She’s letting the power go to her head, and it isn’t pretty.

Bayleigh wants unconditional support from her alliance, and it doesn’t sit well with her that Fessy would even question any move she makes. I bet Faysal is missing Kaitlyn right about now.

Bayleigh tells Rachel that Scottie threw her under the bus, and the HoH gives Rachel a heads-up that she’s putting up her boy Brett and plans to use Rachel as a pawn. Bayleigh also reveals she has a Power App, hoping this will instill some trust and keep Rachel from holding a grudge.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Bayleigh nominates Brett and Rachel for eviction.

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Is Bayleigh burning too many bridges? Was voting to keep Kaitlyn a good move by JC? Did Bayleigh make a mistake telling Rachel about her Power App? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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