Younger season 5, episode 8 recap: Second chances and first times

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While Liza and Charles hide away in their bubble, Younger explores the mystery of Maggie’s relationship issues as she fights for a second chance at love.

Once upon a pop-punk song, Paramore once said, “Second chances, they don’t ever matter, people never change.” We’ll stop short of the next line in the song because it’s both inappropriate and inapplicable. But Younger’s latest episode disproves the concept that people shouldn’t be given the opportunity to change. By the twisted hand of fate, Maggie reunites with an old flame, but winning her back will take some convincing on Maggie’s part.

As Maggie puts in the work for a second chance, Liza and Charles notch a special first time that fans have been waiting for since the beginning. Younger sets the mood for Liza and Charles’ first romp in the sheets, and while the episode’s execution of the milestone moment was fittingly awkward and clunky, a beard and a business meeting bring the secretive pair right back down to reality. How long can they hide from the world in their bubble?

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Men who grow beards are hiding something.

Wisdom from Kelsey Peters, ladies and gentlemen. It’s worth noting that she’s onto something because grooming can be a dead giveaway for problems behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it’s not a vital component of her love triangle, which she ends after breaking up with Jake. The kicker? She narrowly loses him as an author, too.

Of course, as the beard theory pertains to Charles, you can’t always anticipate that unkempt facial hair means a boss is sleeping with a coworker below him. But Kelsey’s right, and it’s a wonder she didn’t figure out the whole operation. During a meeting with a new author, Charles’ hand slides under the table and grazes Liza’s leg. Who is he and what has this beard done to Charles?

Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press
Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press /

Maggie goes full Pacey Witter.

When Lauren plans a dinner party to impress a woman she’s interested in, everybody ends up flaking, except for Josh and Maggie. Unexpectedly, Maggie shows up with homemade eggplant parmesan and receives a shock. Malkie (guest star Sally Pressman), Maggie’s ex-girlfriend from Season 3, happens to be the object of Lauren’s affection. It’s not a dinner party if it’s not uncomfortable.

Even though Malkie claims to be over what went down in the past, she sure has a weird way of showing it. Maggie and Malkie exchange terse words over dinner, which prompts Maggie to leave early. Whether out of hurt pride or a rekindled flame (or both), Maggie seeks to prove to Malkie that she can put the work in to make a relationship last. Flowers didn’t do the trick, but using a blank wall and the power of art (hello, Pacey) sure does.

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The business behind the bubble.

Because Liza can’t make it through a day without having some form of blackmail come across her desk, the meeting with Reese Witherspoon’s people (yes, Reese Witherpsoon is very much a character in the Younger universe) features a surprise appearance from Pauline. She and Liza go back and forth with thinly-veiled “pitches” for Netflix’s supposed Marriage Vacation limited series, but it culminates in Charles handing over Pauline’s option for the book’s sequel in order to keep her quiet about their relationship. Charles shaves, though, and that’s all that matters.

What you think, Younger fans? Was Maggie’s second chance at love meant to be? Did Kelsey and Zane each do the right thing? Is it a little too tight in Liza and Charles’ bubble? Sound off in the comments!

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