Big Brother 20 recap: Level Six questions Rachel’s loyalty

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, JC comes between Faysal and Bayleigh, Rachel tries to save Brett. The houseguests compete for the Golden Power of Veto.

Bayleigh’s target is Brett, who she views as a threat. He’s a smooth talker, plus he’s a physical threat. Funny, because I can’t recall the last comp he won. Walking around with no shirt 24-7 doesn’t constitute a physical threat. Bayleigh believes Rachel makes a good pawn because she won’t hold a grudge, and if Bayleigh can prove to Rachel that she can keep her safe, Rachel will be loyal.

Brett’s not surprised to be on the block again, and he’s not happy to be up against someone in his alliance. On the upside, it doubles their chances of winning the veto, which could guarantee their safety.

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Even though Rachel knew she was going on the block, she’s upset. Rachel does feel confident she’s not going home, but she wants to save Brett. The best way to do that is put somebody else in Bayleigh’s line of fire.

Faysal expects some gratitude from JC, taking sole credit for keeping JC safe. Faysal’s feeling pretty good about himself for saving Haleigh and sending Kaitlyn home.

Not only does JC show zero appreciation for Fessy sticking his neck out and dealing with Bayleigh’s wrath, he takes credit for garnering the votes to get Kaitlyn out.

Tyler’s relived to not be on the block, but he wants to make sure he’s not in the pool of possible replacement nominees. He doesn’t want to get blindsided by a backdoor. He continues sucking up to Bayleigh, asking what she wants him to do this week. Bayleigh’s goal is to keep noms the same.

Tyler tells Bayleigh what she wants to hear, but if he wins the veto, Tyler wants to take either Brett or Rachel off the block to keep Level Six together.

Bayleigh asks Tyler if he has a Power App. She thinks it’s either him, Scottie, or JC. Tyler does an expert pivot, by claiming he thinks Bayleigh, Scottie, or JC has a Power App.

JC decides to run to Bayleigh to complain about Faysal being overly confident. JC reveals Faysal’s been taking credit for getting Bayleigh to change her mind about the nominations — specifically, putting JC up as a pawn. JC’s goal is to screw with the Bayleigh- Fessy alliance. JC figures if there’s a lack of trust between Bayleigh and Faysal, JC has a better shot at getting Fessy to do whatever he wants.

Bayleigh can’t wait to confront Faysal. She tells him about her conversation with JC. Bayleigh doesn’t want people to think that Fessy is some kind of puppet master, taking over her HoH. Bayleigh accuses Faysal of embarrassing her by making her look like his b^^ch. Yeah, that was Swaggy’s job.

Rachel makes a huge mistake by going to Bayleigh and saying she feels like she signed Brett’s eviction notice by agreeing to go on the block. Bayleigh tells Rachel she was going to put Brett up no matter what, and there’s nothing Rachel could have done to prevent it.

Rachel stupidly admits that if Brett goes, it’s bad for her game. Bayleigh doesn’t care if Brett is good for Rachel’s game. Bayleigh advises Rachel not to worry about Brett’s game because he’s a big boy.

Bayleigh begins to second guess her decision to tell Rachel about her special power. She did it to provide Rachel with some comfort, and Bayleigh resents Rachel’s concern about Brett, and her constant questioning of Bayleigh’s every move. Bayleigh’s no longer sure why she’s even protecting Rachel.

Bayleigh claims that up to this point, she’s been playing a nice game, and she wants everyone to be happy (really?!). But if people start pushing her into corners, she’s going to snap.

Sam, Tyler and JC are chosen to compete in the veto comp alongside Bayleigh, Rachel and Brett.

The players learn they’ve become drivers for America’s newest ride sharing service, Goober.

Their job is to take former houseguests (Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Steve and Winston) — in the form of cardboard cutouts — a ride across town. The road is unfinished, so each player has to complete it to reach their destination. Players need to use all of the puzzle pieces to pave a road across town. Since their passengers are in a rush, certain roadways will shut down at pre-determined times, making it easier to complete the puzzle.

There is only one way to complete the puzzle. Once a player finishes building their route through the city, they’ll hop in the car and drive the houseguests to a party. Whoever gets Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Steve and Winston to the party the fastest wins the Golden Power of Veto. The players have 30 minutes to complete the puzzle. Each competitor is sequestered inside the house until it is their turn.

The results of the veto comp:

  • Rachel –30:00
  • Bayleigh — 14:24
  • Brett — 10:59
  • JC — 30:00
  • Sam — 30:00
  • Tyler — 6:54

Tyler wins the veto. One time when speed is a good thing for a guy.

Both Rachel and Brett expect Tyler to use the veto, while Bayleigh wants him to leave the nominations the same.

Tyler finds a sneaky way to figure out who Bayleigh would put up as a replacement nom by suggesting either Rachel or Brett could be saved by a Power App. Tyler brings up Angela’s name, and Bayleigh agrees.

Tyler decides to try some reverse psychology on Bayleigh and paint a target on Scottie. He tells Bayleigh Scottie is his best friend in the game, so if he uses the veto, Bayleigh will retaliate by putting up his supposed ride-or-die.

Rachel now realizes she’s got to kiss and make up with Bayleigh, so she heads into the HoH room crying and hugs Bayleigh for an extremely uncomfortable amount of time.

Bayleigh tells Rachel she doesn’t want Tyler to use the veto on Brett. Bayleigh also lies and says Tyler told her the only way he’d use the veto is if Angela goes up as the replacement. Bayleigh uses this as a way to get Rachel to agree to an girls’ alliance. Rachel swears she has Bayleigh’s back.

Rachel’s pissed, and she runs to tell Angela that Tyler is trying to target her. This makes no sense to Angela who thinks things are cool between her and Tyler.

Angela goes to Kaycee who also doesn’t see how or why Tyler would target Angela out of nowhere. Angela thinks Rachel is full of crap.

There’s a bunch of back and forth between Kaycee, Angela and Tyler. Rachel takes the fall for Bayleigh’s scheming. Everyone thinks she’s freaking out, and they reconsider keeping her in the house.

Rachel decides to break her promise to Bayleigh and tell Angela about Bayleigh’s power. Angela swears to keep her lips sealed and then tells Tyler. Angela warns Tyler if he pisses Bayleigh off, she could use the Identity Theft App to put him on the block.

At the Veto Meeting, Tyler decides not to use the Golden Power of Veto on either Rachel or Brett.

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Who is more shady, Tyler or Bayleigh? Should Rachel have betrayed Bayleigh’s confidence? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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