Big Brother 20: Does Bayleigh succeed in getting rid of Brett?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, Tyler goes behind Bayleigh’s back in an effort to save Brett from eviction. The power is up for grabs as the houseguests compete in the HoH competition, and a  new twist is revealed.

Tyler decides not to use the veto because it isn’t worth upsetting Bayleigh or the rest of the Big Brother house just to keep Level Six together. This doesn’t mean Tyler isn’t going to try to keep Brett in the house.

Bayleigh is confident she has Brett’s eviction on lockdown. Since Tyler didn’t use the veto, Bay is convinced he has her back. What Bayleigh doesn’t know is there’s dissent brewing among the Level Sixers. Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are over Rachel’s theatrics. They want someone who can keep it together when times get tough.

Brett points out to Tyler and JC that if he goes home, the remaining guys are at a huge disadvantage. The girls will have the numbers to pick them off one by one.

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Tyler already wants Rachel out for throwing his name around as someone who can’t be trusted.

With Angela and Kaycee on board to get rid of Rachel, Tyler goes to work on Sam. She swears she’ll vote out whoever he wants her to. No chance of the women running the show with Sam, aka “Miss Female Empowerment,” aligning herself with the boys at every turn.

Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Scotty are all “Team Bay.” They figure they’ve also got Tyler’s vote which means Brett is going home.

Tyler decides to tell Brett about Bayleigh’s power. This isn’t exactly great news for Brett. Even if he escapes eviction this week, Bayleigh has two more weeks to swap the nominations. But he still thinks there could be a way to use this information to his advantage.

Haleigh and Fessy’s Big Brother showmance is in trouble. Haleigh spends some quality time in the hammock with Brett — complete with some light petting. This doesn’t go over well with Fessy. He questions not only where Haleigh’s head is at where he and the game are concerned.

Brett asks Haleigh if she and Fessy are a “thing,” and she responds that they are NOT — 100 percent. Haleigh may flirt with the shirtless Bro, claiming she’s pro-Brett, but she’s not going to vote against Bayleigh.

Swaggy may be out of the house, but he isn’t off the show. He makes a trip to meet Bayleigh’s parents. Bayleigh’s dad wants to know Swaggy’s intentions. Swaggy declares his love for Bayleigh. I’m sorry, when did Big Brother become The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

Swaggy will say or do anything to remain relevant, so I have no doubt he jumped at the chance to get back in front of the camera. The whole thing feels completely manufactured, down to the entire family watching Bayleigh win HoH.

The time comes for the live vote and eviction. During his speech, Brett outs Bayleigh’s not-so-secret power, claiming Rachel told him. He points out that if he stays, he’ll remain Bayleigh’s biggest target. Brett also lies and says Rachel is the head of an all-girls alliance — with the exception of Sam — called “The Maneaters.”

Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, JC, and Sam vote to evict Rachel. Rockstar, Haleigh, Fessy, and Scotty vote to evict Brett. By a vote of 5-4, Rachel is evicted from the BB house.

A blindsided Rachel rushes out of the house without saying goodbye to anyone. As Rachel tries to wrap her head around what just happened, Julie Chen begins grilling Rachel about what she’s thinking. I’m guessing she’s thinking she just got totally screwed over.

Julie rubs salt in the festering wound by telling Rachel her entire alliance double-crossed her. Rachel regrets crying over Brett in the DR and telling Angela about Bayleigh’s Power App.

In her goodbye message to Rachel, Angela says, “First, you talked yourself onto the block. You lied to my face, and your stories make no sense. Our Final Two deal is about as irrelevant as you were week two. I’m sorry Rachel, but you’re going home.”

Rachel is floored, completely confused by Angela’s video. Rachel’s exit turns out to be more memorable than her entire time in the house.

Prior to the HoH competition, the houseguests studied a series of GIFs of themselves on the Memory Wall. They’ll have to remember details of these various GIFS in order to correctly answer a series of true or false questions for the HoH comp, “GIF That Keeps On Giving.” Once a houseguest answers incorrectly, he/she is immediately eliminated from the game.

The last person standing after seven questions becomes the new HoH. It comes down to a tiebreaker between Rockstar and Angela. Angela becomes the new Head of Household.

Julie Chen announces Big Brother’s next big twist. It’s called the “Hacker Comp.” Each week, one houseguest will receive the power to secretly hack the game.

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Has Tyler overplayed his hand? Will Bayleigh use her Power App to change Angela’s nominations? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. Tune in Sunday, August 5 to see who Angela nominates for eviction.