Tell Me A Story stars James Wolk & Paul Wesley discuss CBS All Access thriller

(L-R) James Wolk and Paul Wesley during the Tell Me A Story panel at Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego, Ca on July 19, 2018. Photo Cr: Francis Specker/CBS ©2018 CBS Television Studios. All Rights Reserved.
(L-R) James Wolk and Paul Wesley during the Tell Me A Story panel at Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego, Ca on July 19, 2018. Photo Cr: Francis Specker/CBS ©2018 CBS Television Studios. All Rights Reserved. /

Ahead of the series premiere of Tell Me A Story, stars James Wolk and Paul Wesley discuss CBS All Access’ new thriller in our must-see SDCC interview!

This October, CBS All Access is putting a modern twist on some of the world’s most beloved fairy tales through its gritty new drama Tell Me A Story which looks to flip these iconic tales on their head unlike ever before.

Featuring characters inspired by the likes of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, Tell Me A Story brings together an all-star level cast who aim to put a unique spin on the classic titles. With Manhattan as it’s backdrop, the thrilling and suspense-laced series is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats and coming back for more week after week.

Although details surrounding the series remain scarce, series stars James Wolk and Paul Wesley managed to spill the beans on CBS All Access’ must-see new series when we caught up with them this summer at San Diego Comic-Con!

Q. Given the show is built around three iconic fairy tales, how much of the fairy tales can fans expect to see incorporated into the show? Will they be easily recognizable or will more on the subtle side? 

Paul Wesley: It’s quite subtle. 

James Wolk: Well, it’s subtle compared to Grimm or Once Upon a Time where you’re actually in a fairytale land. 

Wesley: These are humans and they’re in these settings that you’ll pick up on it. If you’re at all familiar with these stories like Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs, you’ll know immediately like, “Ah, there’s that hint.” It’s very smart.

Q. So is it safe to say there are no supernatural elements to the show?

Wolk: [Correct, there are] no supernatural elements. It’s very rooted and very grounded. Manhattan is the woods that all of these characters get lost in. It feels like a psychological thriller and it’s themes and characters are borrowed from fairy tales. 

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Q. Aside from knowing that both your characters are a part of the Three Little Pigs storyline, not much has been revealed about the characters you’ll be playing so what can you tease about your roles on the show? 

Wesley: All I can tell you is that what appears initially, absolutely shifts. It’s interesting to see who becomes the person you’re rooting for. Immediately, you’re like oh that’s the good guy, that’s the [villain] and then it sort of shifts.

Wolk: What’s cool about [the show] is there are three fairy tales taking place at the same time – there’s Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel.

In the story Paul and I are in, you meet both of our characters completely independent from one another with no idea of who is going to be the wolf and who is going to be the pig. You just meet these guys who are living their lives but, like in real life, when this event happens and our lives intersect it sends one on one path and the other on another and then the audience at home will go, “Oh, there’s the fairytale. There’s why it’s that fairytale.”  

Q. Given that there are three fairytale stories unfolding on the show, will the stories intersect and, if so, how often? 

Wolk: They intersect. If you’ve ever seen the movie Crash, certain characters know each other from a story. Certain characters will pass each other on the street. It will be enough that I think it will be exciting to watch, but separate enough  that three separate storylines are unfolding on the show. 

For our more on Tell Me A Story, check out our complete interview with stars James Wolk and Paul Wesley below. Warning: Video contains spoilers not discussed in the interview segment above.

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Don’t miss the series premiere of Tell Me A Story Wednesday, October 31 only on CBS All Access! 

Are you looking forward to checking out CBS All Access’ new fairytale thriller Tell Me A Story when it premieres this Halloween? Thoughts on the clues and teases James Wolk and Paul Wesley dished out in discussing the series? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!