Castle Rock season 1, episode 5: Residents can’t seem to escape the past

CASTLE ROCK -- "Harvest" - Episode 105 - Photo by: Claire Folger/Hulu, Image acquired from Hulu Press
CASTLE ROCK -- "Harvest" - Episode 105 - Photo by: Claire Folger/Hulu, Image acquired from Hulu Press /

Castle Rock proves that even if you don’t remember your past, you can’t escape it. The town has a way of not letting things go.

Castle Rock takes us back to the recent past to show Henry getting some tests done in 2016. He’s clearly concerned about something and we later see he’s still struggling with the ringing in his ears after the Shawshank incident. And speaking of Shawshank, because of the incident, the hearing for the Kid was pushed three weeks.

With the Kid out now, Henry needs to find a place for him. Molly offers up the upstairs part of her office since it isn’t in use. However, he doesn’t stay at the office long and wanders off to a house where a domestic dispute then ensues. It seems like trouble follows him. He does return to the office though and leaves again after walking up to Jackie as he’s completely naked.

The Kid and Jackie are out together and we learn that Jackie’s real name is Diane. She just took the name Jackie (after Jack Torrance) to piss off her parents. Next thing you know, the Kid is standing on a rooftop and Jackie calls Molly to come get him. His thoughts are so loud for Molly that she’s barely able to focus enough to get him to come down.

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After that, Henry takes the Kid to the house and has him stay in a detached building at the house. It mostly looks like storage now, but it appears to have been a workshop in the past. At this point, we learn more about the Kid as he sits down plays the piano pretty well. We also know he hasn’t aged a day in over 20 years, but he claims he isn’t the devil. He also tells Alan that he can help Ruth. The mystery keeps building with the Kid and while we learn more about him, we still don’t really know all that much.

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This episode also shows the town honoring Alan for what he’s done over the years. During the ceremony, a dog starts barking and drives Ruth to jump right off the bridge. Henry goes after her without hesitation and she’s taken to the hospital. According to Ruth, nothing stays dead in Castle Rock and at this point, that feels quite believable. She also makes a comment to Henry about him knowing what it is like to forget his own story.

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Overall, this episode lingers in the past while life is happening to the characters in the present day. The nods to Cujo and The Shining might be a little on the nose, but the mention of the dog at least drives some sort of action from Ruth. Castle Rock still continues to be a delight to watch as the secrets of the town start to come to light a little. With the season halfway over, there are still plenty of mysteries left to unravel.

Castle Rock airs on Wednesdays on Hulu.