Supernatural Season 3, Episode 14 recap: John calls with hope for Dean

SUPERNATURAL -- "Mystery Spot"-- Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
SUPERNATURAL -- "Mystery Spot"-- Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 3, Episode 14 inched closer to Dean’s deal coming to an end. In Long-Distance Call, Dean got a little bit of hope that maybe there was a way out.

If someone you knew was dead phoned you up with a promise to get you out of your crossroads deal, you’d get your hopes up, right? Well, that’s exactly what Dean does in Supernatural Season 3, Episode 14 when he mysteriously gets a phone call from John Winchester. However, Sam refuses to believe that John is really back.

Of course, at this point, we’d last seen John just disappear as a spirit after escaping Hell himself. We had no idea what happened to his spirit (and still kind of don’t). But our guts told us that Sam was right.

In what is my least favorite episode of the whole season, the Winchesters need to get to the bottom of the phone calls from dead loved ones. Can they do it without becoming victims themselves?

The start of the case

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As many episodes started in the past, we start with a man on his own, drinking in the living room. When his phone rings, he answers it by telling this person to stop calling. However, she doesn’t stop. When he rips the phone from the wall, the phone rings again. In complete despair, the man kills himself.

Despite Sam not initially wanting to go on the case (because they need to find a way to stop Dean from going to Hell), they end up in Ohio. It’s not just this call. Phones and computers have been going haywire. While there, they talk to the wife of the suicidal man, only to find out that he was speaking to someone called Linda, but there was never anyone on the other end of the phone.

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Sam learns that the number is more than 100 years old, so they head off to the telephone company. This number had been given out to 10 different houses over the last two weeks.

That’s not all; Sam visits another house to find out that a girl has been getting calls from her mom. The catch is her mom has been dead for the last three years–and the woman the man who killed himself was talking to had also died. Dean also learns another person with the number was getting calls from her husband, who had died in Korea. People are getting calls from the grave.

Dean becomes the next victim

Unsurprisingly, Dean becomes the next victim in Supernatural Season 3, Episode 14. He starts getting calls from John Winchester. When he tells Sam, Sam doesn’t fully believe in it being John on the other end of the phone. He knows there’s something up.

It also turns out that Thomas Edison’s spirit phone is in a museum in town. However, there’s no EMF, so it’s not like that is the reason behind the calls.

When Dean gets another call from John, Dean gains new hope. The demon that holds the contract to Dean’s soul is in town. There’s clearly more, as Dean also finds out that there have been electrical storms everywhere Sam and Dean have been in the last two weeks. This demon is following them. Yet again, Sam refuses to believe it all.

Continuing to split the brothers’ opinions, the exorcism Dean got from “John” is supposed to kill a demon. However, Sam and Bobby can’t find any proof that he will work. Dean is clearly desperate to get out of his deal, but Sam doesn’t want to risk losing his brother when there’s still some time.

Figuring out the demon

The young girl from before calls Sam for help. Her mom wanted her to take all her dad’s sleeping pills to kill herself. Now her little brother is missing after getting a call from their mom on his toy phone. Fortunately, Sam finds the brother just stepping out into the road and saves him before he’s hit.

However, Dean is off at a house in search of the demon that holds his contract. Sam has figured out that it’s a crocotta and phones Dean to tell him. If only it was Dean he was speaking to. It turns out Sam was talking to the Crocotta, who has also sent a man to the house to go up against Dean.

It turns out the crocotta is one of the guys at the phone company. Sam takes down the Crocotta, while Dean finds out the “demon” he’s up against isn’t a demon after all. It’s a man whose daughter was killed and believes Dean was the one who did it.

In the end, the Winchesters stop the creature but it’s not without its bittersweetness. After all, they’re back at square one and still need to find a way out of Dean’s deal. And Dean admits that he’s terrified of what’s to come.

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