Bob’s Burgers: The case for back-to-back Emmy wins

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /

After nabbing the Emmy for Oustanding Animated Program, Bob’s Burgers has a chance again. With the quality of season 8, there’s a huge possibility.

Despite premiering in 2011, Bob’s Burgers has been a part of the Outstanding Animated Program category since 2012. From 2012, the show remained winless until 2014 and again in 2017. With another nomination this year, Bob’s Burgers has a chance for back-to-back wins.

Similar to last year, the category hasn’t changed much. Most of the same shows are included each year including Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and Family Guy. There is usually an oddball pick or a surprise for fans of a particular show. For the most part, the Outstanding Animated Program category is pretty consistent.

One thing that’s not consistency is the winners. We really know who will walk away a winner but twice, Bob’s Burgers has. The show won the Emmy for “Bob Actually,” their Valentine’s Day episode. It was a triumphant moment for the show that has constantly been overshadowed for years.

Once again, the show has another opportunity to win and hopefully, a back-to-back win. With the Emmys only a few weeks away, let’s get into the reasons why Bob’s Burgers could win again and what the likelihood of a back-to-back win is.

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The episode they choose was “V for Valentine-detta.” This was the show’s season 8 Valentine’s Day episode and an excellent choice. As mentioned many times before, the series has a knack for creating awesome holiday episodes and this is one of the best.

The episode follows the Belcher ladies: Tina, Louise, and Linda as the latter two try to cheer up Tina after a bad incident with Jimmy Jr. Eventually, they’re able to get their revenge and Tina makes a new friend. As for Gene and Bob, they spend Valentine’s Day together on a trapeze. It might seem like two off-the-wall plots but it makes for an enjoyable episode.

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In “V for Valentine-detta,” each of the characters is at their best. Tina is mopey but still optimist while Linda is peppy and Louise is out for revenge. As for Bob and Gene, they’re equal parts supportive and hilarious. Additionally, the voice acting is incredible, obviously.

What really makes the episode stand out is how unique it is. It isn’t a stereotypical Valentine’s Day episode but it has heart. The episode has its funny moments but it ends with the family bonding and it’s still about love. Overall, “V for Valentine-detta” is a solid episode with a different plot, a focus on family but still a funny and typical Bob’s Burgers episode.

Winning back-to-back would be a special treat for the show. Season 8 was one of the best yet in terms of quality. There was a lot of character development and the show took some risks that paid off. “V for Valentina-detta” is the perfect example of that along with multiple season 8 episodes.

Moving onto the likelihood of a back-to-back win, it’s only happened twice. The two shows with consecutive wins are The Simpsons and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It’s not easy but there’s always a chance.

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Even if Bob’s Burgers doesn’t win again, season 8 deserves to be applauded. The series has grown so much in the past seven years and became bigger than any of us likely imagined. If the Emmys can see that, then that’s their problem.

Do you think Bob’s Burgers will win again this year? Any season 8 episodes you think deserved an Emmy nod? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Bob’s Burgers season 9 premieres September 30th on Fox at 8:30/7:30c.