Big Brother 20 recap: Did Faysal just make the dumbest move of the season?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, the houseguests compete to see who becomes HoH. JC works overtime to manipulate Faysal. Haleigh and Faysal disagree on who poses the biggest threat to their game.

The houseguests compete in the rave-inspired HoH challenge which has them slipping and sliding across the backyard in a race to see who can fill their glow stick with goop the fastest. Brett’s happy Level Six managed to evict Haleigh’s best friend in the house during her HoH, but he also knows this likely means some people will be coming after him.

Haleigh has to put on a happy face to host the HoH comp, but she’s infuriated about being blindsided once again. Out of Brett, JC, Scottie and Sam, three of them lied to her the entire week. At this point, Haleigh feels the only person she can trust is Faysal. If he doesn’t win HoH, there’s a good chance Haleigh is going home next.

Since JC figures he’s got no chance of winning the competition, he decides to fill the smaller glow stick, hoping to earn himself 5k.

The three top contenders are Faysal, Scottie and Tyler. Faysal wins the Head of Household Competition. This is bad news for Level Six. There’s no more Hacker twist, and the only one with some semblance of safety is Tyler because of his Cloud App.

Scottie reveals to Haleigh that he was the one vote for Rockstar to stay. He just needs to make sure Faysal knows and doesn’t question Scottie’s loyalty. Haleigh knows she and Fessy need Scottie because they don’t have anyone else.

JC’s been working both sides, and prior to the live vote and eviction, he and Tyler came up with a plan. They knew with the lopsided vote, Faysal and Haleigh will be out for blood. They decided Brett should take the credit for voting Kaycee out. This way, Fessy and Haleigh will turn on Scottie.

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It may not be such a monumental task to convince Faysal Scottie’s lying because Faysal doesn’t trust him anyway. Faysal’s goal is to get either Tyler, Brett or Scottie out of the house. Faysal’s worried if he puts Tyler on the block, Scottie could win the veto and take him down, so Faysal wants to put them up together. Haleigh tries to convince Faysal that Scottie is on their side, and they can’t afford to lose someone who has their backs.

JC goes to work on Fessy, stating Sam told him Brett was the one vote to keep Rockstar. This is a lie, but the two people Faysal trusts most in the house are JC and Haleigh. It’s going to come down to who he trusts more.

JC runs to Kaycee and Angela to make sure they all stick to the same story. JC has no doubt he can convince Faysal Scottie is a threat. JC wants to make Faysal believe Scottie has a crush on Haleigh and considers Fessy an obstacle to securing her affections.

The houseguests gather to see Fessy’s HoH room and listen to him read a letter from his mother. After shedding some happy tears, Fessy announces he’s not going to engage in any one-on-one convos right away. It seems Faysal is taking a page from Sam’s playbook. The smartest thing Faysal can do is keep his mouth shut because loose limps have been sinking what’s left of the FOUTTE ship every week.

Faysal does want to know who voted to keep Rockstar, and Scottie raises his hand. Brett also takes credit, apologizing to Kaycee who responds she had a feeling it was Brett all along Brett points out that Scottie wore a Swaggy C shirt and still voted the guy out. Boy, that move is going to haunt Scottie forever.

Scottie is amused by the whole thing, calling out Kaycee for being a horrible actor. She immediately goes on the defensive, insisting she’s never been close to Brett. Scottie laughs it all off, but he should be worried.

JC attempts to manipulate Haleigh, telling her that Scottie likes her and is playing an emotional game. JC may think his plan to create a fictitious love triangle to make Faysal Jealous is working, but Haleigh doesn’t buy it. She doesn’t bother to argue, choosing to just nod her head and keep her mouth shut.

JC thinks he’s got Haleigh on board, and he gives his pitch to Faysal who, as it turns out, is dumb enough to buy it. Faysal doesn’t feel comfortable with Scottie because they never really talk game, and it’s not enough that Scottie and Haleigh feel comfortable with each other. Scottie needs to be all in with Fessy as well.

Haleigh’s tired of JC chirping in Faysal’s ear, and Faysal making game moves based off what JC says. Faysal is so blinded by his crush on Haleigh, all it takes is just a push for him to decide Scottie is trying to come between Faysal and his girl.

Scottie may not know everything that’s going on, but he does know the other side of the house is trying to make him appear untrustworthy. He feels confident Faysal won’t put him up until Haleigh reveals she has no idea what Fessy’s going to do.

Scottie can’t believe Faysal is even considering putting him on the block. He decides he needs to do some damage control after all. Scottie tells Faysal it’s obvious Kaycee and Brett are working together despite Brett’s attempt to make himself look like an outcast.

Before nominations, Haleigh lets Faysal know that if he chooses to put Scottie on the block because JC says Scottie has a crush on her, it’s absolutely ridiculous. She insists she and Scottie are friends, and if Faysal does put Scottie up, that doesn’t mean Haleigh will stop talking to him.

Again, Faysal complains how Scottie doesn’t talk game with him, and Haleigh reminds Faysal that Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and Sam also don’t engage in any strategic chats either. Faysal just won’t budge.

At the Nomination Ceremony Faysal puts Brett and Scottie on the block. Fessy calls them both out for being shady. He’s not about backdooring anyone, so we’ll see what happens after the veto comp.

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