Big Brother 20 recap: Could Faysal turn on Haleigh?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, Zingbot arrives to hurl insults at the houseguests. The Power of Veto competition throws the entire BB house into chaos.

Faysal nominates Brett and Scottie because they both claim to be the vote to get rid of Kaycee, and he thinks they’re shady. One of them is lying, and Fessy plans to figure out who. Doubtful, since Faysal just got seriously played.

Faysal tells Scottie it makes no sense for Brett to out himself when he’s already being targeted by the whole house. Brett isn’t necessarily playing a masterful game. It’s just the people he’s playing with are pretty stupid.

Faysal says it himself, he’s been on the wrong side of every vote, and he never knows what’s going on. Fessy’s got 99 problems, but being a good game player isn’t one. Haleigh isn’t much better, but at least she knows what an epic mistake it is to sacrifice Scottie, especially over Brett.

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Scottie’s mind is blown. He can’t figure out if Faysal is some kind of genius or incredibly stupid. Scottie has been a disappointment. I was sure this superfan would be more aggressive and  manipulative, but he’s being outplayed by a lifeguard, a fitness model, Kaycee (what has this woman done except align with the right people?) and a guy who doesn’t appear to own any shirts. Scottie isn’t entirely clueless to what Brett’s up to, but he’s so focused on the Bro, he has no idea JC’s been throwing him under the bus.

Haleigh believes Scottie was the one vote to keep Rockstar, but she’s having a tough time getting Fessy to come around. Fessy’s obsession with Haleigh — the jealousy and control issues he has where she’s concerned — should have Haleigh running in the other direction. What’s worse is she can’t even figure out how to use his crush on her to manipulate him into doing the right thing. Hooking up with this dude is the worst thing Haleigh could have done.

Haleigh tells Fessy he’s made a bad move, but Faysal’s convinced this will be a game changer (yeah, for all the wrong reasons). He slams Haleigh for putting up Kaycee and Angela, and Haleigh disagrees since she has no doubt both women were/are coming after her. Haleigh knows Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee are working together, and they plan to take her and Faysal out.

Faysal thinks Haleigh’s being overly dramatic. Yes, it’s just a game, but, hey, it’s a GAME. That’s why you’re here. Faysal is far more concerned about how much time Haleigh spends talking to Scottie and Brett (stalker alert). Haleigh hopes to play in the veto, so she can fight for the chance to take Scottie down.

The time comes to pick players for the veto comp. Faysal picks Angela, Scottie chooses Haleigh and Brett draws Tyler.

Faysal decides to talk strategy with Tyler, claiming the only people who have done stuff, won comps and made moves are himself, Angela, Tyler and Haleigh. Really?! You’ve been on the wrong side the whole time. This is your first HoH, and you’re totally effing it up. Your alliance is decimated! I continue to be shocked by Fessy’s utter uselessness.

Tyler sits there nodding like a bobblehead. Faysal says he and Tyler can work together to get the floaters out. Tyler thinks Fessy’s just a bit late to the party. But Tyler has deals with everyone, so why not just fake another?

It’s time for Zingbot to make an appearance, which means it’s time to roast the Big Brother houseguests. Zingbot must have had a rough year because the insults are less clever and more nasty.

The robot calls Angela “heartless,” refers to Brett as a “douche,” accuses Sam of being “crazy,” knocks Tyler’s greasy hair and acne, accuses Scottie of having a crush on Brett, and refers to Faysal as a “moron.” Zingbot calls out Haleigh for her disastrous HoH, JC for his back hair and tells Kaycee her constant use of the phrase “Let’s go!” makes Big Brother viewers want to change the channel. I also think Zingbot insinuates Kaycee isn’t entertaining (which is true).

Zingbot’s arrival also signifies the start of the PoV competition. It’s “Hide and Go Veto.” This is when the houseguests trash the entire which always results in at least a few unhappy campers. One at a time, the players have three minutes to hide their folder in the house. Then everybody gets to search the house for a folder. The houseguest who hides their folder the best wins the veto.

Haleigh chooses to put her folder inside the ottoman. Because it’s such an obvious spot, she hopes people will overlook it. Faysal hides his folder behind a dresser drawer. Brett puts his folder inside a throw pillow, Tyler opts to wrap his folder inside a pair of Sam’s pants. Angela wraps her folder in aluminum foil, sticks it in the oven and covers it with coffee grounds. Scottie shoves his folder behind the drawers in the bathroom.

Brett and Scottie decide to devote some of the time they should be searching to making their own folders more difficult to find. Brett actually quits hunting altogether, choosing to pile mattresses and cushions on top of his folder.

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Tyler finds Angela’s folder. Scottie finds Tyler’s and Faysal’s. Faysal finds Haleigh’s. Haleigh finds Scottie’s. Brett’s strategy works. He wins the Golden Power of Veto.

The real fun is the aftermath. Clean freak Sam is pissed. In the DR, she refers to the other houseguests as a bunch of “ungrateful, spoiled little bitches.”

Scottie says he trusts Haleigh, but after recent events on Big Brother, he feels devastated. It may be time for him to reevaluate who he’s loyal to in the house. Sam thinks she may be able to actually convince Fessy to put up Haleigh.

Sam doesn’t pull any punches during her pitch to Faysal. She points out that Haleigh doesn’t treat Faysal well, and Sam doesn’t think Haleigh really has Fessy’s back. It’s a ballsy move to be sure. Faysal says he’ll think about it, but there is absolutely no way. It’s an ugly side of Sam to see her continue to bash Haleigh’s character. Sam gets super pushy about it.

Scottie also throws Haleigh under the bus. Faysal figures Sam and Scottie are working together. He’s unsure if he should tell Haleigh about all this shadiness. Faysal also has no idea who to put up as a replacement nominee. There’s no Veto Meeting in Big Brother.

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Who should Faysal put up to replace Brett? Is Sam jealous of Haleigh? Were Zingbot’s insults too mean? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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