Big Brother 20 recap: Does Faysal get Scottie out of the house?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother Season 20, Scottie drops an unexpected bomb. Haleigh learns about Scottie’s pitch to put her on the block. Another player leaves the house.

Faysal informs Haleigh that Scottie is trying to get him to put her on the block in Big Brother 20. This is a win-win for Faysal since he’s inexplicably threatened by Haleigh’s closeness to Scottie. In the DR, Haleigh breaks down. She feels stupid for defending Scottie only to learn he’s attacking her.

Faysal doesn’t mention it was Sam who came to him first or all the terrible things the welder said about Haleigh. As Kaycee, Tyler and Angela try to figure out who Faysal might put up from Level Six, a distraught Haleigh interrupts their strategizing. If they aren’t genuinely sympathetic, they put on a good show. They all agree they’ve never heard Haleigh say one bad thing about Scottie, and he’s just doing whatever it takes to stay.

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This is bad news for Haleigh but good news for Level Six. By alienating his only ally in the house, Scottie just lost a vote, and Haleigh isn’t going to try to save him.

Haleigh decides to talk to Scottie, but she doesn’t want to let on she knows what he’s up to. Scottie suggests Haleigh distance herself from him. Haleigh questions why, and Scottie pretty much comes clean, stating he thinks she’s playing him, and he referred to her as “Kaitlyn 2.0.” Point for honesty, Scottie, but still such a D-bag move.

Scottie realizes how stupid his plan was, and he’s regretting turning on the one person who has (or had) his back. Scottie apologizes, and Haleigh isn’t mad, she’s hurt. She though they were friends. How is Sam totally escaping any blame???!

Scottie decides to do damage control, demanding Faysal not put him on the block (as if it was going to happen anyway). Faysal responds how stupid it was for Scottie to betray Haleigh because she’s always been loyal.

Here’s the real Big Brother shocker. All of JC’s assertions that Scottie has feelings for Haleigh turn out to be true. Scottie admits it to Fessy. Is Scottie in love with her? No. But it’s more than friendship on his part, and he confesses this unforeseen complication is messing up his game. After admitting to having feelings for Fessy’s girl (Fessy is such a creeper), Scottie throws out Sam’s name as a possible replacement nominee.

Finally, it’s time for the Veto Ceremony. Scottie decides to go balls to the wall during his speech,and states Sam should go on the block. Nobody can beat her in the end, and Sam put Fessy’s two best friends on the block, forcing him to choose.

Brett takes himself off of the block. Faysal is even less inclined to deal with Scottie because first ,he betrayed Haleigh, and now he’s doing the same to Sam. Faysal decides to put Kaycee up as a pawn. He’s pretty sure it will be a unanimous vote to send Scottie out. Kaycee’s confident she’s not going anywhere.

It’s interesting how Fessy is all over Scottie about his move against Haleigh but lets Sam off the hook. Scottie should have mentioned that in his speech.

Tyler continues to work every angle. Fessy and Haleigh really have nobody left, so they decide to try to form an alliance with Tyler and Angela. Faysal’s big plan is a Final Four deal, and then it’s every man/woman for themselves.

Angela and Tyler won’t turn on Level Six, but just in case Haleigh wins HoH, they decide to play along. They also think it’s in their best interest to not win HoH. It’s better if Kaycee or Brett wins. Tyler’s really spreading himself thin with all these Final Two deals (Sam, JC, Kaycee, Angela). His ideal final four is JC, Angela, Kaycee and himself. He wants to go to the end with Kaycee who he thinks he can beat over JC. His goal is to let everyone else take shots at each other and hope nobody catches on to his plan.

The vote to evict Scottie is unanimous. And then there were eight.

Scottie explains to Julie Chen the plan was to get Sam to pitch putting Haleigh on the block. He figured this would result in Sam going up, and she was the best bet he had of staying. That doesn’t explain why he opened his mouth instead of sitting back and letting it unfold.

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It should have been an easy week for Scottie, so he figures the only reason he’s out is because Faysal is a moron, or Fessy’s been the flip vote and gunning for him the whole time.

Julie questions why Scottie didn’t pitch a fit when Brett took credit for voting to keep Rockstar, and Scottie replies he didn’t think he had to. Scottie’s pretty confused about how his game jumped the shark so abruptly.

As far as his feelings for Haleigh, those are real. Scottie makes no apologies for flipping the Swaggy vote because Swaggy and Fessy promised to use the veto on Steve and they didn’t. Scottie calls Fessy a hypocrite who forgets he betrayed Scottie first.

The HoH competition is called “Sweet Shot.” The houseguests must search through tubs of candy, searching for a piece with a token inside. Once they find a token, they give it to Fessy and roll a ball down a conveyor belt. The first houseguest to make a perfect shot by landing the ball at the red cup at the end becomes the new Head of Household.

If a player doesn’t score a perfect shot, their ball will land in a score from one to 40. They can decide to lock that score in or throw it away, search for another token and roll again. The tokens are transferable, meaning a player can keep them or give them to another houseguest. After one hour, if nobody gets a perfect shot, the houseguest with the highest score wins.

Julie announces there will be a Jury Battle Back, so the next evicted houseguest will compete against Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie to see who returns to the Big Brother house.

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Will anyone catch on to Tyler? Will Faysal regret his decision to target Scottie? Should Haleigh drop Fessy like a bad habit? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. Tune in Sunday, August 26 to see who becomes the new HoH.