Big Brother 20 recap: Can Scottie survive in the house after the Battle Back?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, it’s Level Six against Haleigh and Scottie in the HoH comp. Two houseguests are nominated for eviction.

Scottie gets a warm welcome from the other houseguests, but he isn’t fooled. They voted him out, and he’s out for revenge and redemption. JC knows Scottie’s return is bad for his game because Scottie is a wild card. JC has good reason to worry because during the Battle Back, Fessy let Scottie know that JC was in his ear telling Fessy Scottie needed to go.

Tyler may feel secure since he used the veto on Scottie, but Angela thinks Scottie is a definite threat to Level Six. The only person really happy to see Scottie is Haleigh who feels a glimmer of hope that she might not be all by herself after all. Scottie may have a crush on Haleigh, but he needs to keep his head straight. It’s all about winning that 500k.

The HoH comp is called “Pie in the Sky.”

The houseguests must stand on a small disc while holding on to a rope. They must hold on as the ropes swing around in a circle. The last one standing becomes the new Head of Household. There’s an  obstacle in their way — a giant pie oozing cherry goop. They also get hit with an assortment of slimy substances and feathers.

All this spinning is tough on the houseguests. JC is out first after bragging how this competition is built for him. Sam feels woozy and drops. Scottie falls next. Kaycee barfs multiple times but still hangs on. Brett, who feels the need to yell in every DR session, backs out and goes down.

Kaycee gets knocked out, leaving Tyler and Haleigh. There’s no deal making. Both Haleigh and Tyler each knows it’s crucial they must win. Haleigh notices everyone rooting for Tyler which just fuels her fire. As determined as Haleigh is to win, she can’t withstand a brutal hit by the pie in the sky, and Tyler wins Head of Household.

Haleigh is devastated. She knows she’s going up. In the DR, Haleigh says they might as well just immediately send her out the door. She can’t do this anymore. Scottie is cautiously optimistic he might not be headed back to the Jury House. He thinks he and Tyler have always had a pretty good relationship. so his plan is to see if he’s still as solid with Tyler as he was when he left.

Haliegh’s annoyed Tyler’s most vocal fan was Sam. Haleigh can’t figure out what she’s done to make Sam dislike her so much. JC rubs salt in the wound, doing his best to keep the bad blood going between the two women. As long as they are going after each other, they won’t be coming for him.

Tyler has Final 2 deals with everyone in the house except for Scottie, Haleigh and Angela. This is news to me since I was sure this new power couple had established some kind of understanding. I guess their “alliance” with Haleigh and Fessy was the only commitment they’ve made. You’d think this would have come up during one of their pillow talks.

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Deal or no deal, Tyler feels he’s good with Angela. He feels his safest move is to put up Scottie and Haleigh because this is the easiest move that will upset the least amount of people. As far as the Tyler-Angela showmance goes — I feel like Kaycee on that rope.

There’s a conversation between JC and Kaycee about what it was like for her to come out to her parents. Kaycee’s dad took the news in stride, but her mom’s had a bit of a tougher time. Kaycee cries in the DR, stating how difficult it is that her mother doesn’t fully accept her for who she is. There’s no lack of love in their relationship. Kaycee just wants that 100 percent unconditional support.

Haleigh may have been ready to throw in the towel after the HoH comp, but she has a change of heart and does some campaigning to Tyler to stay off the block. Tyler’s strategy appears to be to keep Haleigh in the dark until nominations.

Scottie also goes to Tyler who reveals the alliance Fessy and Haleigh attempted to forge with him and Angela. Tyler also makes it clear people want Haleigh gone, but they’re also scared of Scottie because the voted him out.

Tyler doesn’t want Scottie to go. His beef is with Haleigh — the only person in the house to put him on the block. Scottie swears his loyalty to Tyler, promising to vote however he wants. Scottie knows Haleigh’s the target, and he doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

JC continues to scheme. He confides in Brett that he’s worried about Kaycee and Angela’s friendship. He wants to create as much friction as he can to keep people distracted, and the target off his back. JC’s also concerned about the showmance between Tyler and Angela.

JC doesn’t want to bring it up to Tyler, fearing he’ll get on his bad side. What JC doesn’t have a problem with is getting Brett to do his dirty work. Brett’s advice to JC is to stay calm, say nothing and remain loyal to Tyler and Angela.

For the good of his Final 2 deal with Tyler, Brett wants Tyler to know JC is worked up and paranoid. Brett advises Tyler to play it cool with Angela, particularly when JC is around.

JC decides to try to play Tyler by telling him Brett said Angela has Tyler in her pocket. JC’s tricks don’t work on Tyler, who sees right through him. Tyler is no Faysal. JC needs to dial it back a bit because he’s overplaying his hand. But even with JC stirring up a ton of trouble, Tyler decides to put up Haleigh and Scottie. There’s a time and a place for backstabbing, but for Tyler, this isn’t it.

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