5 reasons to be excited for True Detective Season 3


Last Sunday, HBO dropped the trailer for the third season of the crime anthology, True Detective. After a disappointing second season, fans are hoping the third will live up to the greatness of the first. Here are five reasons to be excited for the upcoming season.

Before the Sharp Objects series finale, HBO released the first trailer for True Detective‘s third season. After last season ultimately disappointed fans and critics, audiences are hoping for a return to form for this season. From what we know so far, I have a good feeling about the upcoming season.

Here are five reasons to be excited for True Detective Season 3:

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1. Mahershala Ali

The Oscar-winning actor is playing the lead role of Detective Wayne Hays in the new season. After magnetic performances in Luke Cage and Moonlight, Ali has proved himself as an excellent actor. He brings plenty of charisma and nuance to his roles. I am intrigued to see what he will bring to True Detective. I am sure it will be thrilling to see.

2. The trailer shows promise

In the trailer, we see Ali’s character Hays as both a young and old man. In the voiceover narration, he states: “My whole brain’s a bunch of missing pieces”. It seems Hays as some kind of memory problem and will have to weave together the fragment of his past. This could be a very compelling addition to whatever the main mystery of the season is.

The trailer also seems to focus on Hays’ family. We see shots of his kids and his wife. How will Hays’ job as a detective affect his life at home? Is he doomed to the same fate as the first season’s Martin Hart?  If the third season is as well-made as the trailer, then we have some quality content to look forward to.

3. Nic Pizzolatto is making his directorial debut

Earlier this year, Variety reported that creator and writer of the series, Nic Pizzolatto is directing some episodes of the True Detective Season 3. This will make the scribe’s directorial debut. It should be interesting to see how he does behind the camera. He has proven himself to be an excellent writer and producer. Hopefully, he will also prove himself to be a skilled director.

4. It takes place over three time periods

The story in the True Detective‘s third season will take place over the course of three different time periods. There is a lot of ways directors and writers can play with time in a series. Seeing the crime through the lens of different decades will most likely be riveting. We will see how Hays, his family, and the community are affected as the years go by.

5. It is premiering five years after season one premiered

Part of the reason why True Detective Season 2 may have been criticized is because audiences still were haunted by the brilliance of the first season, which aired a year earlier. The second season paled in comparison. Now that years have passed, we may not be as quick to compare this upcoming season to the first one. I certainly do not recall the first season as well as I did a few years ago.

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Also, Pizzolatto has had more time in between seasons compared to the time between the first and second. Hopefully, this means season three will be a carefully created product and not something rushed.

True Detective Season 3 will premiere January 2019 on HBO.