American Horror Story: 20 most shocking deaths

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American Horror Story
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Death is just a normal part of American Horror Story, but some have been much more shocking than others. Here are the top 20 most shocking deaths.

I’m not entirely sure how many people have died throughout all seven, soon to be eight, seasons of American Horror Story. There have certainly been a lot though and what American Horror Story has been very good at, is making them shocking.

Something that is not easy to do when you think about. American Horror Story is a horror-themed TV series, and when there is horror, there is death. The two go hand in hand, just like peanut butter and jelly.

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So, trying to kill a character off, and truly shock us, must be a difficult challenge for the series; and one that I think, they have been successful at doing. So far anyway.

From season one with Murder House, right up to season 7 with Cult, there has been at least one death that has truly shocked us to our core. Either by the fact, the character was killed off, or in the manner, they were killed off. Every season pops up on this list at least once. I think.

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Interestingly enough, not every death hear is a major character. A good selection of both major and minor characters feature on this list. So if you are unsure who some of the characters are at first, don’t worry. There is even one character who doesn’t actually have a name. I had to make it up. He is so minor, but his death is so disturbingly shocking. He could not go without a mention.

So let’s get to it, everyone. Let’s see who made the list of American Horror Story: 20 Most Shocking Deaths.