Fuller House season 4 has wrapped production


Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there’s more Fuller House episodes on the horizon. The cast and crew of Fuller House have wrapped up production of Season 4, now we wait for Netflix to announce the premiere date.

Full House which premiered in September 1987 and ended in May 1995, ran for an incredible eight year run is known for its cheesiness, lessons and comedy but it was criticized by the media. The good thing? It is loved by fans worldwide. As John Stamos calls it, it is our guilty pleasure. Years after the show ended, creator and showrunner Jeff Franklin, and Stamos were trying to bring back Full House as Fuller House to a network.

No network wanted to sign a deal whichwas  amusing to me considering how big this show was back in the days and it only got bigger due to syndication as it was introduced to a new generation. Families are also craving decent family shows where we can all laugh and learn lessons as that’s lacking these days. They ended up pitching it to Netflix and Netflix decided to pick up the show. 

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Candace Bure (D.J. Fuller) is a widowed mother of three sons and her sister Stephanie portrayed by Jodie Sweetin, and D.J.’s best friend Kimmy Gimbler portrayed by Andrea Barber all live under the same roof in San Francisco, California. Stephanie, Kimmy and her teenage daughter all moved in to help DJ out.

To no surprise, the Fuller House announcement it went viral all over the internet. Fuller House premiered to a staggering 4.6 million viewers, and what’s even more impressing is, Fuller House is the cause for why ABC ratings plummeted on its premiere day. Well, that shouldn’t actually be a surprise to anyone.


Fast-forward to now and we’re now impatiently waiting for Season 4 to come. DJ and Steve are now back together after she broke up with newcomer Matt, portrayed by John Brotherton. I am #TeamSteve so I’m happy about this. Let’s of course not forget that Kimmy is now pregnant as well and she’s going to be Stephanie’s surrogate.  It’s a breathe of fresh air to have these kind of family programming shows back on the air and I for one am beyond thrilled that we have Fuller House to watch.

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There are lots to look forward to in Season 4 and many fans can’t wait for Netflix to announce the premiere date. What are you looking forward to next season? Comment below.