Big Brother 20 recap: Does Level Six survive the double eviction?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, two houseguests leave the game during double eviction, leaving five players to compete for the half million dollar prize.

There’s only two weeks left before someone is crowned the winner of Big Brother. The game kicks into overdrive as not one, but two houseguests head to the Jury House. Following the Veto Meeting, it’s a no-brainer Haleigh’s going out the door next. Even Haleigh knows she’s got no cards left to play, and her back is against the wall.

Kaycee, Brett, Tyler, and Angela suspect there’s a double eviction looming and start scheming. Their obvious targets are Sam and JC. If one of them “magically” wins the veto, Angela volunteers to go up as the pawn.

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Brett takes this as a sign that Angela feels very safe. He’s been loyal to Level Six the entire game, but thinks it might be time for him to take a shot. So, Brett has a closed-door meeting with Tyler in the storage room. Brett knows everyone on the Jury is bitter and sending Angela out may be a good way to make them happy. Plus, Sam and JC pose little to no threat when it comes to competitions.

Brett knows Kaycee will come after them which means Kaycee has to go. Tyler plays along, but his loyalty remains with Kaycee and Angela. He just doesn’t feel like he can beat Brett in the end.

Tyler tells Kaycee that Brett believes Sam and JC will be easier to beat, so he wants to take out her and Angela. Now that Brett has shown his hand, Kaycee plans to stay five steps ahead. They’re down for blindsiding Brett if there’s a double eviction. You never go against the alliance.

Julie Chen reveals there’s going to be a double eviction. First, the houseguests have to vote to evict either Sam or Haleigh.

Haleigh is voted out by a vote of 4-0.

It’s no surprise to Haleigh that she’s sitting outside the house. She knows she put a target on her back by admitting she was the Hacker, and it just went downhill from there. Julie questions why Haleigh confessed, and the co-ed explains she just couldn’t hang Bayleigh out to dry.

Haleigh has nothing but great things to say about Fessy, and she’s eager to see him again. She watches the goodbye messages from her former housemates, and both Angela and Kaycee reveal Brett told them Haleigh would come after them if she won HoH. Brett’s version is a bit different. He claims Kaycee, Angela and Tyler wanted her out the whole time.

Haleigh admits she did tell Brett if she were to stay, she would target Kaycee and Angela. Haleigh only confided in Brett because she believed he was in the same position — alone and needing someone. Obviously, now she knows that wasn’t the case. Brett did do a stellar job of playing Haleigh all season. She hopes to see him soon in the Jury House.

Earlier in the day, the houseguests watched video clips– a compilation of highlights from the summer — that factor into the HoH competition. The comp is called, “Buffering.” Each of the video clips is played back one at a time, but they stop (buffering) midway. The houseguests are given two options about what happens next. For each correct answer, they receive one point. The houseguest with the most points after seven questions becomes the new HoH.

Tyler answers six questions correctly, and becomes the Head of Household.

There’s lots of whispering and running around. We see Sam talking to Tyler who tells Sam she just needs to trust him. Tyler puts Sam and JC on the block.

The Power of Veto comp is called “Block and Roll.” Each player must strategically place their colored blocks on their individual game boards, so that when they drop a ball down a tube, it will bounce off the blocks and land in their target. If a player fails, they can reposition their blocks and roll again. The first houseguest to get their ball in their target zone wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Angela wins the veto and uses it to save JC, calling this move “staying one step ahead.” Tyler puts Brett on the block, saying he’s “staying two steps ahead.”

Brett and Sam get one last chance to sway the other houseguests. Sam apologizes to Angela for ever doubting her and lets the other houseguests know how much their friendship means to her.

Brett states he knows everybody’s mind is made up in order for them to have made this move. He claims he’s played a loyal game. He understands they have to make a game move and then jokingly asks them to reconsider sending him to the Jury House with Rockstar.

Brett is evicted by a vote of 3-0.

Julie asks why Brett broke ranks to go after Kaycee and Angela with JC and Sam still in the house. Brett figured he could easily beat either of the latter in the end. Brett does feel betrayed by Tyler who he considered his ride-or-die. Brett admits he’s upset, but he respects the game. That doesn’t mean he won’t be voting emotionally come finale night.

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Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. Tune Sunday, September 16 to see who becomes the new HoH.

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