My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a powerful example of an anime film

Photo credits: Funimation / Funimation Films
Photo credits: Funimation / Funimation Films /

My Hero Academia has become a massive anime hit that continues to recruit new fans, and the new movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a perfect theatrical experience for the franchise.

From the early days of My Hero Academia, the series makes it known that it is fully centered on heroism. There is a major appreciation for the acts of being a hero, which motivates series lead Izuku Midoriya to be just like the man he’s idolized since childhood – All Might.

Growing up with no quirk (superpower likeability) he was told that he would never be like the heroes he respected so much, but All Might saw a passion in him like no other and passed along his own quirk to the young aspiring hero Izuku. After being gifted with unique abilities of overwhelming strength, he takes a major step to becoming “the world’s greatest hero.”

By the time the film begins, the events of season two have concluded and the heroes enjoy a nice summer break. Except there is no such thing as a break for heroes, which they quickly learn in a battle of epic proportions. This brings us to the film itself, taking place at the new ‘I Island,’ a place where quirks are investigated by scientists in an almost theme park of powers.

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All Might makes a return to the states to see this island, bringing Izuku as his guest to shadow the hero. All Might comes hoping to reunite with a former friend named David Shield, who aided in the commissioning of his uniforms over the years.

All Might is brought out by the daughter of the Shield family named Melissa, who quickly shows her excitement to see who she calls “Uncle Might.” Melissa takes the time to show Izuku around the island, where they eventually meet up with Class A who welcome the young scientist quickly.

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Much like Izuku (Deku) Melissa was born without a quirk, but she isn’t gifted one like Izuku and he sees the path someone is on who didn’t have a way to alter her ability like he was fortunate enough to experience. With that being said, Melissa takes after her father and what she lacks in quirks, she makes up for in brains.

The film from there out deals with a conflict on the island that pits heroes (pro and students) against villains in order to save the land and each other. While we have seen Class A come up against tough odds before, this particularly is one of their toughest challenges yet and it’s an intense nail-biting battle to the very last moments of the film.

You get to see some great character growth for the students of Class A, but more importantly there is a brilliant addition to the universe with Melissa. Melissa is easily one of the film’s strongest attributes as a character that can relate to Izuku, but has so many important qualities that create distinctions between both of them. If they were able to integrate her into the series itself, it would be a great addition to the franchise, but if we only get her for a film, it’s still worth enjoying!

The animation in My Hero Academia has always been a triumph, but the film goes that extra mile to impress audiences. From the very first fight scene, you know you are watching a cinematic anime and not just an episode because there are such strong choices made to appease viewers. When it comes to the final climactic fight, they take things even further than I could have expected with brilliant transitions and epic blow-by-blow action. Some of the more reactive fight scenes showcase their strengths (plot and action) feeling like an amped up version of the anime.

As newer fan of the franchise, I waited to watch this in-between Seasons 2 and 3, which fit seamlessly but also isn’t a necessity. The film truly is a standalone story, but for new fans or longtime fans of My Hero Academia, there’s absolutely something for everyone to enjoy.

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Make sure you check out My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in theatres everywhere on September 25, 2018, through October 2, 2018!